Double-checking their work before publishing the budget summary, members of the Adams County budget preparation team realized the county’s property tax levy rate should increase by just 1 percent, not 10 percent as anticipated.

Adams County Highway Superintendent Dawn Miller said she missed adding into calculations the motor vehicle fees owed to the county from the Nebraska State Treasurer’s Office.

Unlike most figures that go into creation of the county’s budget, that one, which amounted to about $1.1 million in revenue, was not an automatic addition to the budget preparation program. It is an input on the preparer’s end.

“We figured something had to be missed, and there was,” Miller said.

Before the correction, the proposed property tax levy rate had been 29.5760 cents per $100 valuation, which would’ve been an increase from 26.9141 cents per $100 last year.

Now, the county’s levy rate will be .272327.

That means for property valued at $100,000, the owner would pay $272.33 in property tax to support Adams County, instead of $295.76, as had been previously anticipated.

The payment for property valued at that same amount was $269.14 last year.

Adams County will publish its budget summary and public hearing notice in Monday’s Hastings Tribune.

The county’s total property tax requirement will be $10,459,145.46.

The county receives other motor vehicle fees from the Nebraska Department of Transportation, which Miller had entered.

She and Ron Kucera, the county’s information technology coordinator, discussed other motor vehicle revenue the county receives and how the county would split that money between the roads fund and general operations. They were going to talk further with the Nebraska State Auditor’s Office about that and never got back to it.

“It was a big miss, and we’re thankful we found it,” Miller said.


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