The Adams County security committee will discuss requiring all county employees to go through the same security screening every time they enter the courthouse, just like the public.

Chuck Neumann and Lee Hogan, members of the Adams County Board of Supervisors, each said during their committee reports at the county board’s meeting on Tuesday they received calls from the public requesting county employees go through the X-ray machine and use the metal detector, just like the public.

Those requests followed the May 31 mass shooting in the Virginia Beach, Virginia municipal building by a city employee there.

Adams County employees have badges that allow them to bypass security at the south entrance of the Adams County Courthouse. However, security personnel periodically select employees to go through the screening.

Scott Thomsen, chairman of the county’s security committee, said the amount of county employees picked to go through the screening has increased since the security equipment was implemented in January 2016.

He said Hogan has brought up security screening for employees to him several times.

“We still do all of the employees at least one day a month unannounced,” Thomsen said. “There’s days we will do over 20 employees. That has increased as time has gone on.”

He suggested discussions about making security screenings mandatory for employees begin with the security committee.

Neumann, who is not on the security committee, approved of that idea.

“I think that’s what we should do, is go to committee and then discuss it and bring it back to the board,” he said.

The supervisors are also subject to periodic security screenings.

Supervisor Dale Curtis said he did not take issue with expanded security screenings for employees.

“It doesn’t matter to me, whichever way,” he said. “If I have to go through security it doesn’t bother me.”

Also during the meeting, Supervisors voted 6-0 to approve to go through the Nebraska Association of County Officials and Blue Cross Blue Shield for a fully insured health insurance plan. Supervisor Michael Stromer was absent.

The plan includes a $6,000 deductible, $1,500 of which is paid for by the employee and $4,500 is paid for by the county.

The county pays 100 percent of monthly premiums for employees and 70 percent for dependents.

The new plan goes into effect July 1. For years Adams County has been self insured and gone through the Krull Agency for health insurance.

Members of the county’s insurance committee recommended going with a full insured plan because there is less risk for the county than a self-insured plan.


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