The City of Hastings Utilities Department announced in a news release late Tuesday morning it has halted the rolling blackouts across the city, but residents are encouraged to continue energy conservation efforts over the next day to avoid the need for such measures again.

 Early Tuesday morning, the Utilities Department was asked to dramatically reduce its energy consumption by the Southwest Power Pool, resulting in outages in some areas of the city.

 The department worked closely with industrial and other large businesses in the city to find voluntary and temporary reductions in energy consumption, and the city would like to thank the following businesses for their cooperation and continued efforts:

 — Adams Central Public Schools


— Centennial Plastics

— Central Community College

— Dutton Lainson Company

— Eaton Corp.

— Flanders Provisions

— Flowserve

— Hastings College

— Hastings Public Schools

— JM Eagle Co.

— PaperWorks Industries

— Thermo King

— Western Reserve

The city would also like to thank the countless other businesses that slowed or halted their operations voluntarily, which relieved pressure and allowed the department to keep more residential homes powered on.

To help ease demand, the Utilities Department is asking customers to continue reducing their energy consumption. Suggestions given over the past couple of days continue to be recommended, and include the following:

Turn off lights when you leave the room or aren’t using them

Turn off and unplug non-essential TVs, appliances, computers, and printers

Dry items in your dishwasher simply by opening the door and not using a ‘high temperature’ option

Use smaller appliances such as the microwave or toaster instead of the oven

Avoid using high-energy appliances like the dryer

Lower your thermostat a few degrees and dress more warmly or use additional blankets to stay comfortable

Take short showers instead of baths

Open curtains and shades during the day on sunny sides of homes to let sunlight in

Close curtains and shades at night to provide extra insulation