A Hastings police officer has been arrested for an accusation of domestic assault, says the police chief.

Hastings Police Chief Pete Kortum said officers were called to 3315 W. Seventh St. about 7:43 p.m. Monday to investigate a disturbance and assault.

After an investigation, officers arrested 26-year-old Cody Bland, an officer with the Hastings Police Department.

Bland was taken to Adams County Jail and transferred to Buffalo County for safety reasons.

“We didn’t want to confine him in the community he worked,” Kortum said.

Melodie Bellamy, Kearney County Attorney, has been named a special prosecutor in the case.

Kortum said the investigative reports will be sent to Bellamy, who will decide what charges will be filed.

Meanwhile, Kortum said, Bland has been put on leave and an internal investigation will be conducted.


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