Members of the Healthy Hastings coalition want to let the public know what they’ve been working on and hopefully get input on proposed action plans aimed at improving community health in Hastings.

The public is invited to the Healthy Hastings Action Summit Social from 5-7 p.m. Wednesday at the C3 Convention Center, 2205 Osborne Drive East. Refreshments and light hors d’oeuvres will be served during the event, which is an open house.

The Healthy Hastings Action Summit Social follows an Action Summit in April where local residents gathered in the Central Community College-Hastings student union to discuss ways get more people engaged in the planning process and generating more ideas about how best to improve community health in Hastings.

“It’s a way for us to be able to communicate what was discussed at the summit, what came out of it,” Healthy Hastings Chairwoman Becky Sullivan said. “From those discussions we had at the summit, we formulated some action plans. We would just love for the community to see what those action plans are, to ask questions, to possibly provide input because we’re still at the stage where action plans are things we want to do but we certainly need input, need help on executing them. So we would love for anyone to come and provide input on any of the action plans that we’ll be presenting.”

Healthy Hastings had help from Washington D.C.-based organizational consultant Jeremy Grandstaff, who facilitated the April gathering and Nebraska Health and Human Services representatives to analyze the raw data.

“With that information from the raw data we had, our Healthy Hastings group looked at that data and said ‘this is what we think is a realistic group of things we can work on as a group,” Sullivan said. “How can we involve the community with what we want to try to accomplish?’ ”

On Wednesday, all of the action plans will have a lead person standing by poster boards. The hope is to get people to volunteer with subgroups to activate specific action plans.

Some of the action plans are on a one-year timeline, some are on a three-year time line, some are ongoing.

Among the actions talked about in April that are in need of input on Wednesday include trails, healthy eating, green space and strategy.

“There’s kind of wide variety of topics that came out of those action plans, which hopefully does appeal to a wide group of the community,” Sullivan said.

For instance, one action plan is education on healthy food preparation.

“Who in the community do we know who would be willing to teach that?” she said. “What kind of topics on food preparation are people interested in? Do they own a location where they would be willing to let the community come in and have the classes there?”

While Healthy Hastings is seeking public input, Sullivan said providing that educational component is just as important.

“I want people to come just because they’re interested,” she said. “I don’t people to feel pressured to volunteer. We also just want people in the community to know what we’re doing so when they hear something they’ll say ‘oh, that’s one of the action plans Healthy Hastings is working on,’ regardless of whether they are working on it or not.”


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