JUNIATA — Firefighters and farmers worked hand-in-hand Tuesday afternoon to rescue a man in his 50s trapped in a grain bin on a farm near Prosser Avenue and Kenesaw Boulevard. 

Ed Consbruck, fire chief of the Juniata Fire Department, said that the initial call indicated that a grain bin had collapsed with a man inside at a farm along Prosser Avenue a half mile south of Kenesaw Boulevard. Upon arrival, firefighters found the structure remained standing, and a man had fallen into the bin partially filled with grain.

He has been identified as Gaylon Hermann, according to The Associated Press.

Consbruck said the man had remained above the grain at first but the grain kept pulling him down. Firefighters put in temporary walls to mitigate the grain's pull, but there were a couple times when the man was pulled underneath the grain. 

"He went down a couple times, but we were able to keep him on oxygen," Consbruck said. 

Neighboring farmers came to help move corn and provide assistance as firefighters cut out about seven portions of the bin to quickly remove the grain. Juniata firefighters also had assistance from Hastings Fire and Rescue and the Kenesaw Fire Department. 

"They were all willing to come out and help," he said. "That means a lot."


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