The managing partner of Motorsport Park Hastings said the decision to list the 2.14-mile race track for sale was made to increase the track’s profile and connections nationally.

George Anderson said Monday morning — after a weekend of local speculation on social media about the listing with North Platte-based Lashley Land and Recreational Brokers — that nothing will change at the track on the eastern edge of Hastings except, hopefully, growth.

Anderson said MPH began working with Lashley over the summer and MPH posted on its own website in early November the course was for sale. It is listed at $4.9 million.

“It’s kind of interesting, over the weekend it got shared on Facebook with no information,” he said. “It’s nothing new. It just hit Facebook and when it hits Facebook you know what freaking happens.”

Anderson started receiving texts and emails Saturday night, including from organizers of events already scheduled at the track.

“If we could get a big buyer to help us, we could then go ahead and build a drag strip. We want to get some more money in for those things and expand and grow,” Anderson said. “We’ve already had somebody come up from Texas looking at it.”

Anderson, who turned 68 Monday, said he has no plans to retire anytime soon.

Anderson said Michael Lashley, who grew up in Hastings and went to Hastings High School with Anderson, specializes in these types of listings.

“He’s got a big company and reaches a long ways,” he said. “We’re trying to get to another level at MPH. We’re going into our 11th year. We want to build more garages. We want to build a drag strip. We want to do some other things and we want to grow. One way to grow is to find somebody nationally. The only way you’re going to reach anybody nationally is through somebody like Lashley, or another big land company to try to get some interest.”

MPH recently received a promotional grant from the state to help with advertising in national racing publications.

“I’m 68,” Anderson said. “My partners are all a little older and we’ve been working our butts off. Our whole goal is to make it grow and have it bigger and find somebody really good. We’re not in freaking financial trouble.

“We’re looking for somebody great to help us be even greater.”

Depending on the arrangement, Anderson said a new owner could partner with the existing ownership team.

A sale would benefit MPH investors, Anderson said, but that wasn’t the intent of the listing.

“If it actually did sell, certainly the people who own it who helped me up front, by God it would be wonderful if we could do something for them,” he said.

Each year, MPH plays host to about 50 regional and national events.

“We still have some open weekends but we’ve got a heck of a lot of weekdays we’d like to rent,” Anderson said. “We’re open to ideas but we won’t get any unless we can get the word out.”


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