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^Calif. Gov. Newsom orders statewide reclosure of indoor dining, limits on church services, salons<

^CORONAVIRUS-CALIF-1ST-LEDE:LA—<California is largely closing again amid a spike in coronavirus cases across the state, as Gov. Gavin Newsom announced statewide restrictions Monday to again halt all indoor dining and close bars, family entertainment, zoos and museums.

At the same time, most counties, including Los Angeles, will be forced to shutter gyms, churches, hair salons, malls and other businesses under the new order, which is effective Monday.

The move further pushes Californians back inside during a time typically marked by summer vacations.

600 by Melody Gutierrez in Sacramento, Calif. MOVED


^COVID-19 reinvades US states that already beat it back once<

^CORONAVIRUS-NEWCASES:BLO—<The first states to endure the coronavirus this spring hoped the worst would be behind them.

Instead, the virus is coming back.

Many places that suffered most in the first wave of infections, including California, Louisiana, Michigan and Washington state, are seeing case counts climb again after months of declines. It's not just a matter of more testing. Hospitalizations and, in some places, deaths are rising, too.

1300 (with trims) by David R. Baker, Gabrielle Coppola and Michael Tobin. MOVED


^Trump downplays Fauci rift, now says pair has good relationship<

TRUMP-FAUCI-1ST-LEDE:BLO — President Donald Trump on Monday said he had a "good relationship" with Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, despite evidence of a growing rift between the two men as coronavirus cases surge in several states.

"I get along with him very well," Trump told reporters during an event at the White House. "I like him, personally."

The conciliatory tone was a notable shift after White House officials over the weekend circulated to reporters a dossier of guidance Fauci had made early in the pandemic that was subsequently reversed.

900 by Justin Sink in Washington. MOVED


^Federal judge throws out Georgia's anti-abortion law<

GA-ABORTION-1ST-LEDE:AT — A federal judge on Monday struck down Georgia's anti-abortion law approved by the General Assembly last year, calling it unconstitutional.

District Judge Steve C. Jones wrote in his ruling that the law — which would have outlawed most abortions once a doctor can detect fetal cardiac activity, or about six weeks into a pregnancy — violated a woman's constitutional right to access to the procedure as established by the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade.

"It is in the public interest, and is this court's duty, to ensure constitutional rights are protected," Jones wrote.

850 by Maya T. Prabhu in Atlanta. MOVED


^Urgent deadline approaches for international college students fighting to stay in US<

CMP-STUDENT-VISAS:LA — With an urgent deadline approaching Wednesday, the collective force of California's three public systems of higher education, which educate nearly 3 million students, have joined the legal fight to stop federal immigration authorities from banning international students from the U.S. if they take only online courses this fall.

Two separate lawsuits by the University of California and state Attorney General Xavier Becerra with California State University and California Community Colleges have put the nation's premier public research university and the two largest public higher education systems behind the effort to stop the federal order.

800 by Teresa Watanabe in Los Angeles. MOVED



^World can win war against coronavirus if leaders do their part, WHO director says<

CORONAVIRUS-WHO:NY — The coronavirus pandemic is worsening, due largely to failures outside of Europe and parts of Asia. But World Health Organization director Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says it's not too late to get in the fight.

Without calling out anyone or any place by name, Ghebreyesus said some countries were responsible in their handling of the outbreak and are getting back to business safely. He also said several countries are going in the wrong direction. There are different scenarios playing out worldwide, the WHO director said at a press conference in London.

500 by Brian Niemietz. (Moved as an international story.) MOVED


^Florida adds 12,624 COVID-19 cases<

CORONAVIRUS-FLA:FL — Florida announced another 12,624 cases of COVID-19 Monday, the second-highest daily total for a state now known as one of the world centers for the disease.

The number of people hospitalized continued to rise, going from 7,511 Sunday to 8,072 on Monday, according to the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration.

600 by David Fleshler in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. MOVED


^After massive increase in COVID-19 cases, what's next for Florida?<

CORONAVIRUS-FLA-NEXT:FL — Florida faces a rough few weeks at least from COVID-19, according to experts, although there are faint signs of hope in the flurry of statistics that indicate the disease's future.

The state posted the U.S. record for new daily cases Sunday and the second-highest count on Monday, numbers that are difficult to spin as anything but indications that COVID-19 has become more entrenched. Sunday's record 15,300 new cases generated headlines around the U.S., cementing Florida's status as one of the worst-hit states in the country.

Yet the number of deaths reported Monday was the lowest in 10 days, and more important, the positivity rate for tests continued a decline started last week.

950 by David Fleshler in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. MOVED


^Amid coronavirus woes, hospitalizations in Texas hold above 10,000<

CORONAVIRUS-TEXAS-HOSPITALS:AU — More than 10,000 coronavirus patients remain hospitalized in Texas, state health officials reported Monday.

The Texas Department of State Health Services reported 10,405 hospitalizations, just five fewer than the number of patients reported Sunday, marking the end of 14 consecutive days of record hospitalizations.

350 by Nicole Cobler in Austin, Texas. MOVED


^LA schools will not reopen campuses for start of school year amid coronavirus spike<

CORONAVIRUS-LA-SCHOOLS:LA — Los Angeles campuses will not reopen for classes on Aug. 18, and the nation's second-largest school system will continue with online learning until further notice, because of the worsening coronavirus surge, Superintendent Austin Beutner announced Monday.

The difficult decision became unavoidable in recent weeks, Beutner said, as coronavirus cases have skyrocketed in Los Angeles County, and the district cannot come close to protecting the health and safety of some half a million K-12 students and about 75,000 employees.

1250 (with trims) by Howard Blume in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Cuomo outlines plan to reopen schools in New York<

CORONAVIRUS-NY-SCHOOLS-1ST-LEDE:NY — Gov. Andrew Cuomo rolled out a data-driven plan on Monday for reopening New York schools that hinges on consistently dropping coronavirus infection rates, mandates for face mask usage in classrooms and daily screenings of staff and students.

First off, schools can only resume in-person learning in the fall if they're in regions that have entered Phase 4 of the state's economic reopening process, Cuomo said in a briefing from his Manhattan office. As of this week, the city is the only region that hasn't yet met the benchmarks to start that phase.

750 by Chris Sommerfeldt and Dave Goldiner in New York. MOVED


^Should schools reopen amid the pandemic? A debate rich in misinformation, angst and rancor<

^CORONAVIRUS-SCHOOLS-DEBATE:PH—<Compared with adults, children and adolescents are at lower risk of getting and spreading COVID-19. But low risk is not no risk.

That's why the issue of reopening schools has become the latest heated argument in the U.S. pandemic response.

650 by Marie McCullough. MOVED


^ICE detainee dies of COVID at South Florida hospital — the state's first immigration death<

CORONAVIRUS-FLA-DETAINEE-DEATH:MI — A 51-year-old immigration detainee died Sunday at a Palm Beach County hospital after testing positive for the coronavirus. The Mexican national's death is Florida's first reported COVID-19 death of a detainee.

The detainee — identified by U.S. Immigration and Custom's Enforcement late Monday as Onoval Perez-Montufa — was transported to a hospital about two weeks ago from the Glades County Detention Center in Moore Haven, a facility that is now among the top 10 centers with the highest number of COVID cases.

200 by Monique O. Madan in Miami. MOVED


^Pence tells governors to protect citizens however they can<

^CORONAVIRUS-PENCE-GOVERNORS:BLO—<Vice President Mike Pence told U.S. governors Monday that the administration would back them on any measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic as 13 states reached an alarming rate of positive tests.

On a conference call, Pence said those states have rates of higher than 10%, according to a person who listened to the private session and requested anonymity to discuss it. The vice president has consistently argued that the administration's response has been vigorous. On Monday, he made clear the situation has become grave, the person said.

1200 (with trims) by Brian Eckhouse and David R. Baker. MOVED


^Union vote highlights coronavirus crisis for California's home day care providers<

CORONAVIRUS-CALIF-CHILDCARE-UNION:LA — After close to two decades of organizing and legislative struggle, tens of thousands of baby-sitters, early childhood educators and home day care proprietors will vote this month on whether to unionize, a move many hope will reinvigorate California's ailing child care system in a moment of unprecedented crisis for millions of working families.

1150 (with trims) by Sonja Sharp in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Starbucks barista who got $100,000 over face mask dust-up: 'This is so mind-blowing'<

CORONAVIRUS-BARISTA:SD — They brought him the money in a silver metal briefcase and placed it on a picnic table at Miramar Reservoir. Up came the lid: $100,000 in paper-strapped stacks of $50 bills.

All those greenbacks beside all that blue water — no wonder Lenin Gutierrez's eyes got big.

"I (have) never seen anything like this except in the movies," he said.

900 by John Wilkens in San Diego. MOVED


^Negotiators look for common ground on unemployment aid extension<

CORONAVIRUS-RELIEF:CON — How to provide additional relief to jobless workers has become a major partisan tension point in preliminary talks for another COVID-19 aid package.

An expanded federal benefit of $600 per week is set to expire at the end of this month, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi says an extension of unemployment insurance must be part of any new package.

But the Trump administration and Republican lawmakers have opposed continuing a benefit that they say could dissuade laid-off workers from reentering the job world.

900 by David Lerman in Washington. MOVED


^Trump retweets ex-game show host comments that CDC is 'lying' about coronavirus<

^CORONAVIRUS-TRUMP-RETWEET:NY—<President Donald Trump started the week in the fight against the coronavirus by amplifying the fact-free claim of right-wing personality Chuck Woolery that "the most outrageous lies are about COVID-19."

250 by Dave Goldiner. MOVED


^Analysis: For Congress, rancor and politics overshadow consequential coronavirus relief<

CORONAVIRUS-RELIEF-ANALYSIS:CON — Even as the House Appropriations Committee returned to routine business during the week of July 6 — considering bills to fund the government for the coming fiscal year — the pandemic hung over everything.

Between March 5 and July 4, Congress passed and President Donald Trump signed six laws to help Americans weather the crisis wrought by the coronavirus. At a cost of more than $3 trillion, those laws have kept millions of Americans out of poverty.

Still it's too early to judge Congress' handling of the greatest domestic challenge since the Great Depression. Decisions made this month in the Capitol will bring that record into greater focus.

1450 (with trims) by Shawn Zeller. MOVED



^Roger Stone's commutation also scraps supervised release, $20,000 fine<

^STONE:BLO—<President Donald Trump's commutation of Roger Stone's 40-month prison term for lying to Congress and tampering with a witness during the Russia probe also scraps the two years of supervised release and $20,000 fine that were part of his sentence.

A copy of Trump's signed two-page executive grant of clemency was posted to Stone's criminal docket on Monday

300 by Erik Larson. MOVED


^US denounces China's claims to South China Sea as unlawful<

USCHINA-SEA:BLO — The Trump administration rejected China's expansive claims in the South China Sea, reversing a previous policy of not taking sides in territorial disputes in the region and escalating tensions with Beijing on yet another front.

"We are making clear: Beijing's claims to offshore resources across most of the South China Sea are completely unlawful, as is its campaign of bullying to control them," Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said in a statement Monday.

400 by Nick Wadhams in Washington. MOVED


^Amid pandemic, Pentagon would cut 'chem-bio' protections<

DEFENSE-CHEMBIO:CON — The Defense Department wants to spend less in fiscal 2021 on chemical and biological defense programs, budget documents show, in the middle of a pandemic and despite its own officials' warning of a heightened risk of attacks on U.S. troops from such weapons.

After what Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper called a Defense Wide Review of spending in February, he proposed cutting $5.7 billion from dozens of programs to instead pay for hypersonic missiles, the nuclear arsenal and other weapons that, he said, were needed to deter or fight Russia and China.

1200 (with trims) by John M Donnelly in Washington. MOVED



^Women Congress hopefuls smash record again as GOP joins in<

CAMPAIGN-CONGRESS-WOMEN:BLO — A record number of women are running for Congress this year, boosted in part by a surge of Republican women seeking office in a party struggling to regain lost ground with female voters.

The influx adds to the advances female candidates — mostly Democrats — made in the 2018 midterm election that helped reshape the makeup of Congress. It also has echoes in the presidential race, based on voting patterns from two years ago and Democrat Joe Biden's lead in polls over President Donald Trump among female voters. Biden has vowed to pick a woman as running mate.

1150 (with trims) by Skylar Woodhouse. MOVED


^Trump insists he's ahead in Texas, despite 5-point deficit in new Dallas Morning News poll<

CAMPAIGN-TRUMP-TEXAS:DA — President Donald Trump insisted Monday that he's ahead in Texas — a state he can't win reelection without — despite a new Dallas Morning News poll that shows he lags by 5 points and other recent polls showing him tied with Democrat Joe Biden.

"We're many points up in Texas," he told reporters at the White House. "Fake news. Phony polls."

But GOP strategists took the latest survey seriously.

1050 by Todd J. Gillman in Washington. MOVED



^Trump's brother fails to block niece's tell-all family book<

TRUMP-NIECE-BOOK:BLO — President Donald Trump's younger brother lost his fight for an injunction against a damning memoir written by their estranged niece, Mary Trump, who said her book will expose the toxic nature of the family.

Robert Trump's motion for a preliminary injunction against the scheduled Tuesday release of the book was denied Monday by Justice Hal Greenwald in Poughkeepsie, New York, according to a copy of the order provided by the book publisher, Simon & Schuster.

500 by Erik Larson in New York. MOVED


^Washington's NFL team will retire team name, announce new mascot at later date<

FBN-REDSKINS-NAME:PH — The Washington NFL team's controversial name is one step closer to being put to bed.

The team announced Monday a name change is imminent, ousting the polarizing name and mascot that dates back almost 87 years. On July 3, the team started a "thorough review" of the name "Redskins," which is widely considered a derogatory slur against Native Americans.

600 by EJ Smith. (Moved as a sports story.) MOVED


^Body of actress Naya Rivera found in California lake, officials say<

RIVERA-SEARCH:LA — A body found in Lake Piru is that of actress Naya Rivera, who disappeared five days ago during a boat outing with her young son, authorities said Monday.

"Based on the location where the body was found, the physical characteristics of the body, the clothing found on the body and the physical condition of the body, as well as the absence of any other persons reported missing in the area, we are confident the body we found is that of Naya Rivera," Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayub said at an afternoon news conference. Detectives have found no indication of foul play, or that Rivera's death was a suicide, he said.

750 by Alex Wigglesworth in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Actress Naya Rivera, 'Glee' TV star and 'fierce talent,' dies at 33<

RIVERA-OBIT:LA — Actress Naya Rivera, best known for playing a sharp-tongued cheerleader and glee club member on Fox's hit musical comedy-drama "Glee," was found dead Monday morning after an extensive search at Lake Piru in Ventura County. She was 33.

At an afternoon press conference, Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayub said he was "confident" that the body found floating on the lake was that of Rivera, who went missing Wednesday. Her 4-year-old son, Josey, was discovered Wednesday night sleeping alone on a boat his mother had rented for them that afternoon.

1100 (with trims) by Yvonne Villarreal in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Inferno on San Diego Navy ship rages into second day<

NAVALBASE-FIRE:SD — Navy officials said Monday morning that the fire ravaging the amphibious assault ship Bonhomme Richard for a second day has reached temperatures as high as 1,000 degrees and it is still burning in various portions of the ship.

Smoke and fumes continued to affect the skyline and air throughout San Diego.

Rear Adm. Philip Sobeck, the commander of Expeditionary Strike Group 3, said Monday morning that the fire is in the superstructure of the ship and its upper decks and that the ship's forward mast has collapsed.

700 (with trims) by Andrew Dyer in San Diego. MOVED


^Ghislaine Maxwell ignored FBI orders on day of arrest, had cellphone wrapped in tin foil: feds<

^EPSTEIN-MAXWELL:NY—<Ghislaine Maxwell used former members of the British military as security guards and wrapped a cellphone in tin foil to avoid law enforcement detection, prosecutors wrote Monday, calling her "skilled at living in hiding."

Manhattan federal prosecutors shared the new details about Maxwell's arrest July 2 at a New Hampshire estate in opposition to her request for $5 million bond. The British socialite, who is currently held at a federal jail on the Brooklyn waterfront, says she can be trusted to show up to court on charges of enticing underage girls into Jeffrey Epstein's alleged sex abuse scheme and lying under oath.

500 by Stephen Rex Brown in New York. MOVED


^12 protesters file claims against Seattle, county and state claiming police negligence, excessive force<

SEATTLE-PROTEST-LAWSUITS:SE — Twelve people, or their families, who were injured or killed in Seattle protests over the past six weeks filed financial claims Monday against the city of Seattle, King County and Washington state, alleging excessive force by police or the failure of police to secure the safety of peaceful protesters.

The claims, which the city, county and state have 60 days to respond to, are the first step in filing lawsuits against the government. None of the claims seeks a specific dollar amount.

1000 by David Gutman in Seattle. MOVED


^Four charged with murder in slaying of rapper Pop Smoke<

^POPSMOKE:LA—<Two adults and two teenagers were charged with murder on Monday in the shooting death of rapper Pop Smoke inside a Hollywood Hills home earlier this year.

Prosecutors said Corey Walker, 19, and Keandre Rodgers, 18, killed the rapper in the course of a robbery at a multimillion-dollar home on Hercules Drive in February, according to a news release issued by the Los Angeles County district attorney's office.

400 by James Queally in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Supreme Court rejects Texas GOP bid for in-person convention<

TEXAS-GOP-CONVENTION:AU — The Texas Supreme Court on Monday rejected two appeals that sought to resurrect the state Republican Party's in-person political convention after it was canceled by Houston officials amid a growing coronavirus outbreak.

GOP officials had hoped the all-Republican Supreme Court would allow the meeting to take place at the end of this week.

Instead, the court's 7-1 ruling said the party could not rely on state law or the Texas Constitution to enforce its contract with Houston or Houston First, which operates the city's convention center.

650 by Chuck Lindell and Jonathan Tilove in Austin, Texas. MOVED


^'It was a massacre': Family of man fatally shot by troopers announces lawsuit<

OAKLAND-POLICE-DEATH:SJ — The family of a man killed by CHP officers over a presumed stolen car is filing a lawsuit for his wrongful death after he was shot 18 times.

The man's pregnant girlfriend, who was also struck by gunfire, is claiming the shooting also contributed to the loss of their baby.

550 by Angela Ruggiero in Oakland, Calif. MOVED


^Attorneys for ex-Minneapolis officers object to judge's gag order in George Floyd death<

MINN-POLICE-DEATH-1ST-LEDE:MS — The attorneys for four ex-Minneapolis police officers charged in the death of George Floyd are asking a judge to rescind a gag order issued last week prohibiting attorneys and others from discussing the case.

Eric Nelson, who represents Derek Chauvin, filed a motion Monday accusing Hennepin County District Judge Peter Cahill's gag order of violating Chauvin's state and federal constitutional rights to free speech and a public trial.

950 by Chao Xiong in Minneapolis. MOVED


^Justice Department can't cut police grants to California sanctuary cities, court rules<

SANCTUARY-CITIES:BLO — The Trump administration can't legally withhold grants to police in California cities that don't cooperate with federal agencies in the enforcement of immigration laws, a federal appeals court ruled.

But the U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco also said on Monday that its order blocking the Justice Department from withholding assistance to local police in so-called sanctuary cities does not extend nationally.

200 by Edvard Pettersson in Washington. MOVED


^Sen. Ted Cruz catches heat for not wearing face mask on American Airlines flight<

CRUZ-MASK:DA — U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz is facing backlash over a photo on social media of the Texas Republican aboard an American Airlines flight without a required face mask.

But the senator's office said Cruz wasn't flouting airline mandates and public health safeguards by taking off a mask, but "he temporarily removes the mask while eating or drinking," according to a spokesman for his office.

400 by Kyle Arnold in Dallas. MOVED


^Gov. Kemp extends order deploying 1,000 National Guard troops to Atlanta<

ATLANTA-VIOLENCE-NATIONALGUARD:AT — Gov. Brian Kemp extended an order Monday that deployed 1,000 Georgia National Guard troops to protect state buildings in Atlanta, the latest step in a series of escalating tensions with Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms over safety and public health.

Kemp's new order, which expires July 27, seemed likely to draw criticism from Bottoms, a Democrat who earlier urged the governor to focus state resources on responding to soaring numbers of coronavirus cases in Georgia.

450 by Greg Bluestein in Atlanta. MOVED


^Among advocates' fears for Florida's incarcerated youth during pandemic: Sexual abuse<

FLA-JAILEDYOUTH-ABUSE:OS — The COVID-19 crisis has placed an unprecedented strain on Florida's incarcerated youth, but experts fear it may also exacerbate a challenge that far predates the pandemic: combating sexual abuse at juvenile facilities and helping survivors recover.

With many juvenile inmates alone with staff and cut off from in-person contact with loved ones, some worry sexual violence could increase. For those who've already suffered abuse, isolation will only compound the hardship they're enduring, experts say.

1050 by Dana Cassidy in Orlando, Fla. MOVED


^Gun drawn on Black driver pulled over by police in Minneapolis suburb — but it was a mistake<

MINN-TRAFFICSTOP:MS — A Black man said thoughts of George Floyd went through his head as he sat in the back of a police squad car after officers pulled him over — at least one of them with gun drawn — in a Minneapolis suburb until they realized they had the wrong guy.

"I could have been dead today," Darrius Strong, 30, of Burnsville, said in an account he posted on Facebook soon after what began as a traffic stop early Friday afternoon along Old Shakopee Road. "Just remember anything can happen to us, man, especially Black bodies Black people, Black men. Racial profiling is a thing."

750 by Paul Walsh in Minneapolis. MOVED


^After another weekend of children shot in Chicago, top cop asks for more time for his 'community policing on steroids'<

CHICAGO-VIOLENCE:TB — After another weekend when children were among dozens of shooting victims in Chicago, police Superintendent David Brown repeatedly asked for more time Monday to deploy his strategy of "community policing on steroids" to bring down the nearly unprecedented level of violence.

Unlike at past Monday news conferences, Brown did not hurl insults at gunmen or complain that not enough people are being locked up. Instead, he once again insisted that the drug trade is the "pipeline to the criminal justice system" and doubled down on his belief that community outreach is a solution.

1000 by Claire Hao and Paige Fry in Chicago. MOVED


^Passenger claims American Airlines flight attendant shook her 'violently' and called police for using extra blanket<

AMERICAN-AIRLINES-LAWSUIT:DA — An American Airlines passenger says a flight attendant named "Thor" grabbed her arm and shook her for supposedly taking an extra blanket during a flight to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport from Miami.

Nathalie Sorensen of Miami filed a lawsuit against American Airlines in Dallas, claiming the flight attendant accosted her and had police waiting for her when she exited the plane after a flight in late December.

500 by Kyle Arnold in Dallas. MOVED


^Parents plead for help in search for Secoriea Turner's killers<

ATLANTA-GIRLKILLED:AT — Nine days after their little girl was shot dead by armed civilians who had commandeered a street in southwest Atlanta, the parents of Secoriea Turner pleaded for witnesses to come forward.

"If you know something, say something," said Secoriea's father, Secoriya Williamson. "Do what's right. You will not be labeled as a snitch. You'll be labeled as a hero."

600 by Christian Boone in Atlanta. MOVED

^Criticism mounts of Harvey Weinstein settlement deal: 'Most one-sided and unfair settlement in history'<

^WEINSTEIN:NY—<A proposed $18.9 million settlement to compensate victims of Harvey Weinstein faced more criticism Monday ahead of a key court hearing.

Doug Wigdor, an attorney for six Weinstein accusers, called the deal "if approved, one of the most one-sided and unfair class settlements in history."

250 by Stephen Rex Brown in New York. MOVED


^Stolen Disney memorabilia worth thousands found in online auction, authorities say<

STOLEN-DISNEY-ITEMS:LA — After thousands of dollars in Disney memorabilia was stolen from a Northern Sacramento storage unit, authorities say they have made an arrest and recovered most of the items.

A woman reported the theft of several high-value Disney collectible items totaling about $35,000, according to the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. The items were taken between December 2019 and late April, the woman said.

250 by Kailyn Brown in Los Angeles. MOVED


^NC court removing statue of controversial judge, slave owner in downtown Raleigh<

NC-STATUE:RA — Thomas Ruffin, a 19th century North Carolina Supreme Court chief justice, has long stood as a controversial emblem of the state's judicial history.

His legacy, which includes pro-slavery rulings and rhetoric, and his own status as a slave owner, will no longer grace the state's Court of Appeals in downtown Raleigh.

400 by Julian Shen-Berro in Raleigh, N.C. MOVED



^Poland's ruling nationalists given boost with Duda's reelection<

^POLAND-ELECTION-1ST-LEDE:DPA—<Poland's incumbent President Andrzej Duda has won a second five-year term after a tightly contested election and a bitterly fought campaign, handing the ruling national-conservatives a comfortable grip on government.

Duda gathered 51% of the vote, the state electoral commission PKW announced on Monday. Liberal challenger Rafal Trzaskowski, the mayor of Warsaw, won 49%, final results showed.

The harsh presidential campaign accentuated the fault lines in Polish society running along the conservative-progressive divide.

700 by Krzysztof Bastian in Warsaw, Poland. MOVED



^Chance of big San Andreas earthquake increased by Ridgecrest temblors, study suggests<

^SCI-CALIF-EARTHQUAKE-FAULT:LA—<A new study suggests that last year's Ridgecrest earthquakes increased the chance of a large earthquake on California's San Andreas fault.

The study, published in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America on Monday, says there is now a 2.3% chance of an earthquake of magnitude 7.5 or greater in the next 12 months on a section of the 160-mile-long Garlock fault, which runs along the northern edge of the Mojave Desert.

That increased likelihood, in turn, would cause there to be a 1.15% chance of a large earthquake on the San Andreas fault in the next year.

1600 by Rong-Gong Lin II. MOVED


^Ohio State study links cortisol and higher blood sugar for Type 2 diabetics<

MED-DIABETES-STRESS:OH — A new study shows a connection between the stress hormone cortisol and higher blood-sugar levels in people with Type 2 diabetes.

The six-year study by Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and Ohio State University College of Medicine was published online Monday in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology, a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal.

350 by Megan Henry in Columbus, Ohio. MOVED




NEWSBRIEFS:MCT — Nation and world news briefs.



^From vehicle rammings to verbal tirades, videos capture a spike in racist attacks<

RACIST-ATTACKS:LA — Bystander and victim videos of racist attacks have gone viral this month, particularly after President Donald Trump's Fourth of July address at Mount Rushmore.

Some of the perpetrators — including a Silicon Valley CEO — cited Trump, while others appeared emboldened by the president's rhetoric and tweets, which included his retweet of a supporter chanting "white power" and his own condemnation of Black Lives Matter as "a symbol of hate."

Several of the videos showed attackers driving cars into crowds of protesters, resulting in memes that circulated widely online among opponents of the protests.

1650 by Molly Hennessy-Fiske in Houston. MOVED


^Lush gardens. A waterfall. An airport built to awe in Singapore is quieted by COVID-19<

SINGAPORE-AIRPORT:LA — Flying is often an afterthought when visiting Singapore's Changi Airport.

With its butterfly and orchid gardens, custom-made airport fragrance and glass-domed mall housing the world's tallest indoor waterfall, the experience is considered the gold standard of international airports — a stark example of everything it's austere American counterparts are not.

But the airport crowned the world's best eight years running has been humbled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

1300 by David Pierson in Singapore. MOVED




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