Tammy Orthmann owns Bath Bliss Gifts in downtown Hastings.

What started out as a fun hobby eventually turned into a fully operational business: Bath Bliss Gifts.

Tammy Orthmann, owner of Bath Bliss, noticed how the prices of various bath and body products and gifts were “much higher than what we believed it would cost to make them ourselves.”

She decided to test it and began making the products one by one in her home. She started selling these bath and body products to her friends, family and at local markets.

As she noticed how people were enjoying her products, she decided it was time to take “a leap of faith.” In

It was in 2007 that she opened a store of her own in downtown Hastings.

To Orthmann, Bath Bliss Gifts is aroma therapy for the modern world.

“How I see aroma therapy is things that smell good and affect your mood,” Orthmann said.

She offers a lot of different products that you could call aroma therapy.

When someone walks into Bath Bliss, “the first thing you notice is the aroma,” Orthmann said.

Though when she started she only offered her own small products, as years went by she has added more local and national products.

“We started primarily with bath and body products and then we slowly grew into other items such as candles, essential oils and diffusers,” Othmann said.

Not only that, but Bath Bliss also makes felted soap.

Making felted soap is an old Scottish craft.

Orthmann makes the soap and puts a custom felt covering on it.

“I usually put a little design on it and it’s actually very unique,” she said.

She can add anything from business logos to “Star Wars” designs. They also sometimes come in the shape of Nebraska.

Orthmann said that this is “something I like to tell people about because it’s very unusual and you’re not going to find it anywhere else in town.”

Since essential oils are used in a large amount of the products, the store always has a nice smell to it.

But the scent isn’t the only good thing about the experience of coming to her store.

“I want to do customer service and really tell them and give them that personal experience,” Orthmann said.

Helping customers find a product that matches them and answering customer questions is what she loves to do.

“I’ve been shopping in all the other towns, but Hastings is home,” Orthmann said.

This is where her family is and where she grew up.

“I had to graduate and leave for a while to know that I wanted to come back,” Orthmann said.

Bath Bliss Gifts