Joe Kindig recently took over ownership of Barista’s.

Owning Barista’s of Hastings was a dream that was never forgotten and finally realized for Joe and Nikayla Kindig.

Barista’s was opened originally by Susan Overmiller in December 2003.

In 2011, when Joe was a senior in high school, he started working for Overmiller.

Working at Barista’s gave him exactly what he needed at the time.

“I had a pivotal moment in my life where I was looking for a little bit of guidance and the coffee shop industry, more importantly Barista’s, I think definitely gave me that,” Joe said.

It was because of this that Joe continued to work there through his time at Central Community College and Hastings College.

Working at Barista’s influenced his choice in a major, as well.

“I chose my major because I absolutely loved to talk to people,” Joe said. “That’s why I became a communications studies major at Hastings College.”

His love for Barista’s also influenced him to add on a business major.

“After graduation, I knew I wanted to do something that could give back to the community I grew up in,” Joe said.

He took a full-time job somewhere else for three years — all the while hoping that an opportunity to return to Barista’s would work out in his favor.

“I was always hoping to someday make my way back to Barista’s,” Joe said.

It was when he met and married Nikayla, that they “knew that Barista’s was something we one day wanted to be a part of,” Joe said.

This past April that dream was made a reality.

“I had to admit dreams really do come true when I was presented with the opportunity to buy the shop with my wife in April,” Joe said.

Now that the Kindigs owns Barista’s, they want to give back what Barista’s gave to him, to the staff and the community, as well.

“I really hope that Barista’s can be a cornerstone for the town,” Joe said.

They want Barista’s to become a place where people can start their day, where people can bring their family when they come to town and where people stop by before they leave town.

“We want to be that beginning, middle and end always,” Joe said.

They strive to do this by offering the best customer service they can.

“You’re gonna leave, I hope, 10 out of 10 times with the best service possible,” Joe said.

Joe and Nikayla are both from Hastings and they don’t want to live their dream anywhere else.

“Seeing what Hastings has for the future is something that we absolutely wanted to be a part of,” Joe said. “That’s exactly what we did and we’re here to stay for a long time.”