The Hastings Free Masons and Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce are looking for nominations for grand marshals to participate in the Nov. 2 Hastings Veterans Recognition Parade.

Phil Odom, Hastings Free Masons Lodge 50 chairman for the veterans parade, said in the past, parade organizers obtained names from different sources and asked veterans if they would serve as marshals.

“We’re of course still going to do that a little bit, but we are looking to put together a larger pool of names to choose from,” he said. “Some of the members of our committee thought maybe if we asked citizens to nominate folks, in particular Coast Guard members, which we have a hard time finding, maybe we would find there were more here in Adams County than we were aware of.”

Any honorably discharged veteran is eligible to serve as a parade marshal.

Aug. 31 is the deadline for nominations.

To nominate a veteran to be a parade grand marshal, call the chamber at 402-461-8400 or the Masonic Center at 462-5813. Those organizations can email the nomination form, or the nominator can come pick up the form at either location — 301 S. Burlington Ave. for the chamber or 411 N. Hastings Ave. for the Masonic Center.

The form asks for the veteran’s name; branch of service; highest rank achieved; date entered; date separated; awards, ribbons and citations received.

If a nominee is not chosen this year, his or her name will be kept for consideration in future parades.

Grand marshals would also participate in the marshal recognition dinner on Oct. 23, which is sponsored by Livingston Butler Volland Funeral Home. The grand marshals will be recognized and given a plaque that night.

The grand marshals will ride in vehicles during the parade on Nov. 2 and then sit on the reviewing stand as other parade entries participate.

Parade organizers provide a car for each marshal during the parade, unless the marshals have a specific vehicle they would like to ride in during the parade.

“It’s pretty simple to be a parade marshal,” Odom said.

This is the 14th year for the Hastings Veterans Recognition Parade. Odom said throughout all the previous parades there have only been seven coast guard marshals and of those veterans, some have come from out of the area or out of state.

“Those folks have kind of been from everywhere,” he said. “There just don’t seem to be very many Coast Guard veterans around here.”

It is preferred that the grand marshals come from Adams County, but that is not a requirement.

“There’s enough Adams County veterans we want to certainly try to use them first; but when it comes to the Coast Guard, anyone that gets nominated, we would love to establish a pool of people we could use,” Odom said.


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