GUIDE ROCK — An area woman is in stable condition following a mule deer buck attack near here on Tuesday.

Mary Brumbaugh, 68, of rural Red Cloud was transported to Bryan Health West Campus in Lincoln and has undergone one surgery with another surgery planned for Saturday, said a family member who was with Brumbaugh at the hospital on Friday afternoon.

A news release from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission reported that Brumbaugh was doing chores on the farm alone when she was attacked by the deer. She was discovered with her injuries Tuesday evening, 911 was called, and she was transported to the Lincoln hospital. The time of the incident is unknown.

“Deer attacks on people are extremely rare, and we are investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident,” said Alicia Hardin, wildlife administrator for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

The release from the commission reports that a responding conservation officer shot and killed the deer. The deer showed no signs of fear from the officer. Deer normally do not approach humans.

The dead animal was transported to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Veterinary Diagnostic Center for a necropsy, and a rabies test came up negative. It is uncommon for deer to get rabies.

The report says deer can attack for a variety of reasons, including disease, domestication or protection.

The commission is investigating the incident and says it has received several reports of individuals feeding or domestication of wildlife every year. Domestication can cause a loss of fear from humans and can lead to potential conflicts between wildlife and people.


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