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Peter and Tammy Van Winkle of Grand Island claimed their $1 million Powerball prize Friday.

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A Grand Island couple has claimed a $1 million Powerball ticket sold in Lincoln.

Peter and Tammy Van Winkle of Grand Island were on their way back to Grand Island from a shopping trip in Omaha when they pulled off Interstate 80 to fill up with gas, Nebraska Lottery officials said in a news release.

Tammy Van Winkle went inside the Fast Mart on North 27th Street to buy a couple of lottery tickets and a scratch ticket for the ride home.

The Powerball ticket contained a single quick-pick play that matched all five winning numbers (5, 21, 36, 61, 62) but not the Powerball number (18) from the July 25 drawing.

The Van Winkles, however, didn't immediately realize they were big winners. The tickets sat in a pile for a few days until Peter Van Winkle decided to check them. He checked a Lucky for Life ticket that won $3, then he checked his Powerball ticket at a retail store's scanner.

When it displayed, “Winner, present original ticket to Nebraska Lottery,” he went home and checked the numbers on the Nebraska Lottery website with Tammy. Then they checked again. And again.

They put the ticket in a fire safe overnight before they could take it to the Nebraska Lottery’s Lincoln offices on Friday morning.

Tammy Van Winkle runs A Higher Plane, a crystal store in Grand Island, and said that she’d been using the law of attraction to visualize her family winning at Powerball.

The Van Winkles said they’re probably going to use the money on a new car and paying off a loan. Tammy said they’ve got a child who’s about three years from college, so the money will help with that as well.

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