Chelsie Wilson is pictured at her business, Wild Sage, located at 304 W. Third St. in downtown Hastings.

It was just more than five years ago that Chelsie Wilson was inspired to open Wild Sage Collective.

“I was inspired to create a business that would combine all my interests and professions that I have cultivated over the last 15 years,” Wilson said.

Wild Sage at its base offers massages and bodywork. She specializes in table massages and Thai massages.

Not only that, but she incorporates other things into her business, as well.

She has woven yoga, art, wellness retreats and Thai massage education for professionals into her business.

“Just as the seasons change the dynamic of my business can shift and change with organic fluidity among these topics,” Wilson said.

She’s constantly trying to use her skillsets to find ways to help the Hastings community.

“Trying to hone in on what I think are my strengths and what I can offer to the community is what I want to focus on,” Wilson said.

This includes offering what none or very few people in Nebraska do, such as a Jap Sen Thai massage.

Jap Sen is a style of Thai massage that comes from a matriarchal lineage.

“It is the strumming of the energy lines in the body to unwind them and to bring balance physically, mentally and emotionally,” Wilson said.

Jap Sen is a great way to relieve stress, tension, chronic pain, and can even help with some paralysis, she said.

“I want to be of as much service to the community as I can with the skills that I have,” Wilson said.

With her business she hopes to help people with their physical and mental health as far as the scope of the practice of massage allows her to go.

“I love being able to help whether that is just coming in and having a place to be quiet and de-stress or if it’s a space of trying to help with some chronic pain,” Wilson said.

Not only does she love to help people feel better, she enjoys creating a personal connection with her clients. She views a massage as a personal one-on-one experience between her and her client.

“It allows people to just be themselves in a space that’s safe for them to be themselves,” Wilson said.

Ten years ago, Wilson moved back to Hastings because of the people here. She said that she has a great clientele base here.

“When I moved away again that clientele just wasn’t there in other towns like it was here,” Wilson said.

Wild Sage

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