14 seized animals now up for adoption at Heartland

After being seized from a home in Pauline earlier this fall, a
group of affenpinschers and puggles, held by Heartland Pet
Connection staff members (from left) Ashley Harrison, Jennie
Theesen and Teri Andersen, are ready to be adopted.

Eight dogs, three puppies, two cats and a parakeet.

All roommates, some of them relatives, and — until recently — all of them homeless.

This group of animals, reminiscent of a "Homeward Bound" crew, were abandoned by their previous owner in August, were seized by Adams County officials, and have been staying at Heartland Pet Connection for the past 60 days.

The shelter wondered just how quickly the vagabonds would be homeward bound again.

However, the animals were finally released for adoption on Oct. 25 after a conclusion was reached in their case — a case that was unique to the shelter, and to Adams County.

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