Gas prices hit 3-year low

Gas prices have dropped below three dollars at Hastings gas
stations, including Ampride South at 1410 W J Street.

As the Thanksgiving season approaches, area consumers are giving thanks not only for a bountiful harvest, but also for much-awaited savings at the gas pump.

An uneventful hurricane season and exceptionally low corn and ethanol prices have caused gas prices across the state to plummet below $3 a gallon for the first time since fall 2010.

Commuters in Hastings and across the state have seen prices sink below $3 in the past week and stay that way, with some pumps in the Omaha and Lincoln metro areas sinking as low as $2.75. In Hastings, the average price for unleaded fuel was $3.06 Friday, but most stations boasted $2.99 listings.

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