“Foot in the door” leads speaker to lifelong JFK research

Brad Parker, longtime researcher of the assassination of
John F. Kennedy, speaks to a crowd of community members
and students at Central Community College-Hastings
Wednesday afternoon. Parker's research focuses on the
accounts of physicians at Parkland Hospital in downtown
Dallas where Kennedy was first examined. Parker discusses
the disparity between the actual injuries sustained by the
president and the wounds described on Kennedy's
official autopsy report.

As a 17-year-old high school student growing up in rural Kansas, Brad Parker got his foot in the door.

He was working on a term paper on John F. Kennedy and began to make some phone calls. He talked to people who knew Kennedy personally, or who had seen him alive. He spoke with eyewitnesses and even doctors and officials who were in downtown Dallas on the fateful day when the charismatic, young president was shot and killed in his limousine motorcade. 

The details of the assassination began unfolding and piquing Parker’s interest. He was young, but driven. Those with personal accounts or information about the event were willing to talk to him because, well, “how much harm could a high school student do?” he said.

From that time on, Parker has continued to devote time, energy and research to the study of JFK’s assassination and has written a variety of articles and a book on the subject.

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