Long journey finished

Heather Summers and 2-year-old Quinton Summers celebrate
Quinton's adoption Satuday at the Adams County Courthouse
as part of National Adoption day.

Her pony tail bobbed up and down as 7-year-old Allyson nodded with each question.
The attorney asked a short series of questions of the adoptive parents.

Philip and Erin Esslinger of Aurora indicated they were were still willing and able to adopt the girl.

The judge peered over a row of stuffed teddy bears and brightly-colored balloons and declared the adoption to be finalized.

"Allie, it's over," Judge Michael Offner said. "You've got a mom and dad."

Allie beemed a smile and the judge's congratulations were followed by a round of applause for the newly-formed family.

Allie was among eight children given permanent homes Saturday during National Adoption Day.

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