Police cars purposely crashed

A retired Hastings police cruiser crashes into another
retired police cruiser at the Nebraska Law
Enforcement Training Center in Grand Island Thursday.
The collision was part of a course that trains law
enforcement officers about accident reconstruction.

GRAND ISLAND — Four decommissioned Hastings police cars got one last use Thursday at the Law Enforcement Training Center in Grand Island.

One cruiser — designated a bullet car — slammed into the passenger side of another police car used as a target at just more than 20 mph.

The collision caved in a portions of the lower broad side of the target car and threw the occupant, a crash test dummy weighing 173 pounds, from the driver seat to the passenger seat. In the bullet car, the impact deployed the airbags and stopped the car.

In a second collision, another cruiser plowed into the rear quarter of a fourth car. Striking at nearly 40 mph, the target car spun about 130 degrees. The bullet car continued through the crash area, coming to stop a moment later.

David Thome, highway safety grant coordinator at the training center, drove both bullet cars and knew full well what he was doing.

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