Faces of Business: Larry and Donna Ackerman

Adams County natives Larry and Donna Ackerman are
pictured at the Tribune Thursday morning. Donna celebrated
35 years as a Tribune employee this August, and Larry has
been a barber in Hastings for more than 40 years.

Both Larry and Donna Ackerman are detail-oriented individuals.

On weekdays, Donna can be found typing legal and public notices for the Hastings Tribune and putting together the paper's mock-up pages like pieces of a large, detailed puzzle.

Her attention to detail has kept the size, contents and positioning of ads and notices consistent and accurate throughout her 35 years as a Tribune employee.

Just down the street, Larry attends to details of a different kind.

He is the owner of The Hair Shop, 747 S. Burlington Ave., out of which he has been cutting hair and trimming beards for a loyal spread of customers since 1990.

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