Drivers urged to watch for school buses

Hastings Public Schools bus driver Don Conyers is sitting in his bus, the stop arm extended and lights flashing as he waits for a student to board his bus.

Looking out the window, he sees a car go by and then another.

All the while, the stop sign is still extended and Conyers is watching for his student.

Conyers knows the $500 fine and three points assessed on a person's driving record may seem like a stiff penalty for someone who is caught passing a bus when the stop arm is extended.

For him though, it isn't the fine but the safety of his passengers that is the biggest concern.
"People don't see that red sign coming out of the bus," he said. "And they just go rushing by."

On an average morning, Conyers said he can have as many as nine vehicles or more drive past his bus when the stop arm is out.

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