Faces of Tribland: Jose Jiminez

Hastings College senior Jose Jiminez has been the director
of The Zone after school program since December 2012.
Because of his work with students in the Hastings community
and his involvement in a variety of campus peer education
organizations, he hopes to pursue a career in social work
and educational advocacy.

The boy hardly said a word.

He was surrounded by the raucous sounds of basketballs bouncing, his classmates laughing and staff members calling out directions. An adult walked his way. She gave him a set of instructions.

The boy didn't say a word. And he walked away.

Because he couldn't follow directions, he was often kicked out of The Zone after school program, which he had been attending for several months at the Hastings Police Station. Staff members couldn't get through to him, so he was often sent home. It was a continuous cycle.

Enter Jose Jiminez, a senior at Hastings College and increasingly active volunteer at The Zone, who realized that the young, silent gentleman needed to be talked to in a different way.
Jiminez, a native of Mexico, took a different path. He talked to the young man in Spanish.

And everything changed.

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