U.S. should back off

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Headline a misrepresentation

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What happened to progress

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Mountain Lions not a threat

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Farm stories

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Pipeline conundrum

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Downtown not dead

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Cooperating for MH370

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Taking a stand on NeSa

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Patrick White Treasures unearthed in ordinary places

A few weekends ago, my friend and I went to a massive garage sale in Lincoln. The fair-like atmosphere of the hosting warehouse was penetrated by the sounds of bargaining vendors and customers, the shuffling of books and boxes, and the smell of kettle corn enticing browsers from an indoor cart.

Robin Stroot A notion for sewing notions

Whenever you get a notion to do a little sewing, be sure you look for the notions needed for your sewing project.

Sewing a garment means taking some type of pattern pieces (whether your own creation or commercially created pattern), other items and sections of fabric and items and making it a wearable garment.
Joyce OreBewildering queries that may never be answered

Life is full of hundreds of nagging little questions. The most classic, of course, is “Why me?” But there are countless others. Granted many are rather inconsequential in the overall scheme of things, but still annoying.

These questions spring up frequently. I’ll share a few of mine with you, and I’m sure you have many of your own.

Russ Batenhorst Lawns, social media: 2 things that can wait

It must be spring.

A time when people’s minds start to wander.

And my mind doesn’t stick to one theme for an entire column.

Tamera Schlueter Marathon training is challenging, terrifying

I’ve mentioned a time or a hundred that I’m back to running. Sharing the experience eases the pain and holds me accountable, so here we go again. Forgive me or sue me. It’s up to you.

The Lincoln half marathon is May 4, and I’m a ball of angst, worried that my training will come up short.

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