Mosquito danger

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Gas prices

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Public comment on water

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Wise traffic change

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Sasse the right leader

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Real reason Sasse no show

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Helping hand

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Constitution week

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Obamacare no mess

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Obamacare's mess

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Mum's word on library

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Unsolved death

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Signage needed

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Be safe, cyclists

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Robin Stroot Making a cable can be an art form

Recent emails and craft magazines are showcasing the art of making a cable on knit and crochet items.

To put it simply, a cable on a knit/crochet project is taking a set of stitches and knitting/crocheting them out of order along the row so that one set of stitches crosses in front or back of another set of stitches. Some more intricate cables can resemble a braid type of stitch pattern across the knit project. There are three basic styles of cables: twists, braids and traveling.
Joyce OreKeep future auto manual fairly simple

Today’s cars are amazing. They open without keys, they sense when to avoid an accident, they heat and cool your posterior, the driver has all-around, thus missing that four-foot concrete slab quietly sitting behind him, they keep you alert, they open and close doors and everyone in the car can hear you talk on the phone without using your hands.

Someday, in the not-so-distant future cars will talk to each other and even drive themselves, allowing the driver to take a nap, not that it doesn’t occasionally happen now.
Jim Headley Hoping new Huskers coach is a better fit

During the reign of Bo Pelini, I became less of a Husker fan. It wasn’t for any one reason. It wasn’t because Pelini had taken over the reins of our beloved Huskers.

At many times, I just didn’t have the time or the ability to sit down and watch the Cornhuskers on the tube. Life somehow became more important than the Nebraska Cornhuskers.
Russ Batenhorst This week’s guessing game in sports news

Before I get going this week, let me say just a few things: Shawn Eichorst. Bo Pelini. Jim Tressel, Scott Frost. There, glad I got that taken care of.

I don’t really have anything to say about them, but it looks like if you write a column in this state this week, you’re required to work in those four names.

I didn’t want the standards people to take away my columnist license, so I thought I’d better meet the minimum requirement.
Tamera Schlueter Let’s celebrate a genuine Christmas this year

Hello, Christmas season. What will you bring us this year? I’m hoping for calm that comes from soft falling snow, and a chance to hole up and reconnect with the “why” of it all. I’m wishing for big laughs, warm hugs and familiar faces sharing popcorn in front of the Schlueterville fireplace. Let’s add fuzzy slippers and apple cider, a candlelit church service, and Nat King Cole singing about Jack Frost warring with your nose for a scene that’s borderline perfect.
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