Signage needed

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Be safe, cyclists

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Picky prisoners

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Car seats no joking matter

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War crimes

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Seeking truth

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Corn prices

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'Women's health'?

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$500 a day fine

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Don't close Ninth

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Note appreciated

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Campaign Ads

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Patrick White Rudd, Poehler team up for funny movie

“They Came Together” is one of the funniest films of the year and David Wain’s best since his directorial debut “Wet Hot American Summer.” The film tears apart the romantic comedy genre from the inside out with vicious hilarity.

The idea has been worn before by less capable hands. The infamous “comedy” duo Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer film “Date Movie” lacked the originality Wain presents. The opening scene alone contains more cleverness than anything Friedberg and Seltzer have recently produced. While “Date Movie” reached for the lowest common humor, Wain embraces the awkwardness and nonsensical nature of the rom-com. No cliché is left untouched by this director.
Robin Stroot Internet overflows with crafting ideas

When I started writing my column in 1996, the only thing you could really do on the Internet was pretty much anything written in text. There were dial-up connections that usually locked up the computer from several minutes to an hour or two, especially when receiving a picture attached to an email. Heaven forbid you had to use the telephone (pre-cellphone days) because you had to quit the connection, use the telephone and then wait till later to reconnect and start the dial-up and downloading process all over again.
Joyce OrePerplexingly, decisiveness not in my DNA

room yellow, well … maybe green would be more soothing, but then, yellow
Maybe, I‘ll paint the is bright and happy, I just can’t decide. It seems to me that my parents had no problems making decisions. It was either yes or no, no hesitation, no changing their minds, no waffling around, just a simple word or two.

“No, you can’t have all the girls in your kindergarten class sleep over tonight. No, you can’t have a new prom dress, you got a new one last year. No, you can‘t have an increase in your allowance. No, you can’t have the last chocolate chip cookie, take a carrot stick instead, No, you can’t have the car to drag main.” Simple, no stress, no guilt, no fun.

Russ Batenhorst Fall and all its glories nothing to sneeze at

So, we made it through Labor Day and now just need to use this weekend to get our internal clocks right. After all, admit it, you’ve been one day off all week long.

Heck, I almost forgot that it was the day to get this written and submitted. Wouldn’t it have been awful if the powers-that-be had to fill this space with someone who could actually write? I’d be forgotten forever.

Tamera Schlueter Killing demons with goal of positive self-talk

Occasionally, I’m an ace at beating the tar out of myself. I’m too old, fat, slow, or unworthy to deserve (fill in the blank). I’ll bet you’re great at it once in a while, too. It’s a natural phenomenon built upon unfair comparisons, unmet goals and a choking fear that tries to quench your dreams.

“Chasing dreams is HARD!” “Mediocrity is safe.” “You can’t fail if you don’t try.” “Risk is risky.” Sound familiar?

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