Car seats no joking matter

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War crimes

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Seeking truth

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Corn prices

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'Women's health'?

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$500 a day fine

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Don't close Ninth

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Note appreciated

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Campaign Ads

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Tony Herrman Overcoming fears, one dirty diaper at a time

Tribune sports writer Mike Zimmerman got a pretty good ribbing in the newsroom earlier this week for his fear of fish. Several of us eventually expressed empathy by sharing our own fears. I didn’t say anything then, but up until a couple months ago I probably would’ve said babies.

I arrived at work Monday morning after spending a week home with my almost-twomonth old son, Jonah.

Patrick White Don’t go ‘Ninja’

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” is painful for adults, but might entertain kids. The latest film in the “TMNT” franchise is a train wreck that attempts to embrace the Bayhem attitude. Unfortunately it doesn’t execute on nearly the same level.

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” tells the story of everyone’s favorite amphibians as they take on the mighty Shredder and his corporate flunky, Eric Sacks, played by a somewhat menacing William Fichtner. The ’80s and ’90s characters most adults know from their films and television shows are “updated” for a new audience and it’s up to you to decide if you prefer these new turtles. I personally miss the days of Jim Henson’s puppetry and the chunky turtle suits.

Robin Stroot Random thoughts on crafting

Rub talcum powder lightly on your hands to keep sweat from making it hard to make fiber crafts. I found that sweat on my hands makes my needles/hook make a squeaking sound as I knit or crochet through the stitches. The yarn also sticks to the needles/hook and makes uneven sized stitches on my project. I know it’s hard to think of sweaters and afghans when it’s so hot outside but pretty soon, you’ll need that sweater or afghan to keep warm when winter arrives. (In Nebraska, that could be as soon as next week, right?) So far, I’ve made the first three sets of knit swatches for my master hand-knitting course. The next step is to seam two swatches together using the appropriate techniques for the specific swatch stitch pattern. The instructions suggest that I send my best samples of my work. I kept putting off the course work because I couldn’t seem to get that best-work sample made well enough to make it my best sample swatch. I felt I had to do it right the very first time. Wait, this is an instruction class to improve my knitting skills. It finally occurred to me that I should make more than one swatch so that I can choose the best looking sample to send in as part of my correspondence course. What a relief! I don’t feel that pressure to be perfect on my first sample. It makes the course seem less intimidating to complete.
Joyce OrePaper-free living hasn’t arrived yet

Matilda, my good friend and former neighbor, stopped by the other morning. She was holding two reams of computer paper and a twin-pack of print ink cartidges.

“That’s a lot of paper,” I told her as if she didn’t know she was holding two reams of computer paper and cartridges. “You finally finished that romance novel you’ve been working on for the past three decades.”

Russ Batenhorst Joining students in famous writing assignment

I’m thinking of giving myself the most clichéd and challenging of writing assignments. One thing that I’m fairly certain of is that I won’t be the only one facing this assignment at this time of year.

At least, if I am to think that misery does indeed love company, I guess I’d better ask: Do teachers still use “What I Did on My Summer Vacation” as a writing assignment to start a new school year?

Tamera Schlueter South central Nebraska offers scenic splendor

Writer’s note: It’s been a busy week in Schlueterville, so here’s the column that ran in the August 12, 2010, issue of the Hastings Tribune. This trip took place four years ago, but I can still see our sleeping sons in the rearview mirror.

God broke the mold when He created south central Nebraska. I think of this each time we take ATVs to Harlan County Lake for a day of grit-filled, tooth-jarring fun. Rising out of the craggy landscape like a desert oasis, the lake is a nine-mile mass of crystalline sparks dancing on a 13,000-acre pool stretching between Republican City and Alma, a toe’s length north of the Kansas border.

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