Easter now messy

Tamera Schlueter starts off her April 17 column with an admission of several character flaws and mistakes. These are common mistakes meant to build a common humanity and cause one to empathize with her.

She calls these mistakes and flaws being a mess.

There is, of course, a difference between common human flaws and being a mess.

A mess of a person is not merely a person with flaws, but an unintegrated person whose flaws are such a part of their character that to remove these flaws is to leave them void, without personality or dignity at all.

Very few people are actual messes.

She goes on to claim that Easter is all about messes and admits the grotesque nature of the story.

Easter didn’t originally have to have this connotation, though.

It was initially a celebration of fertility, hence the dyed eggs and rabbits.

It wasn’t until the Christians got hold of this celebration that it became grotesque.

Now, instead of being a celebration of life, fertility and human flourishing; it is instead a celebration of a human sacrifice, even if it only lasted a weekend.


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