the shortest month of the year. I’m beginning to think that’s not the case. Sure, I looked at the calendar and there are only 28 days compared to all the others checking in at 30 and 31.

But come on, I don’t think this month is ever going to end.

I try not to dwell on the weather.

I even ALMOST enjoyed running the snow blower for the first time this season last Saturday.

But I sure have talked to a lot of people this week who has said — without prompting from me — that they are pretty fed up and ready to move on to March.

I add this next tidbit with all due respect to the meteorologists of the world.

There is a difficult job and their predictions of the weather — despite popular opinion — are often very accurate.

You have to have a good understanding of science and an advanced education to be a truly successful meteorologist.

But I may have this “figuring out the weather of the future” down pat, as well.

It’s pretty simple. If I’m planning to go out of town for whatever reason, it’s going to snow.

At least that’s been the case lately.

For a case in point, a little dive into the events of this week.

Three days of this week I’ve had small travel plans.

By small, I mean day trips, a quick run out of town for a short stay somewhere and back home.

Tuesday it was a 70-mile drive for a birthday party. By the time we got home, we were trying to see through the arrival of a snow storm that was only supposed to last fewer than 12 hours, maybe even be gone by sunrise Wednesday.

But still, it was getting a little slick out there.

As for the rest of the day Wednesday, this time there was a little more skin in the game.

As in, the money spent for concert tickets for a show in Lincoln that evening.

Fortunately, we were joined by another couple willing to drive in a vehicle a little more suited for the conditions than our sedan.

But still, the Tuesday/Wednesday snowfall made it a less than ideal trip, and one hard to predict the timing of as you’re never 100 percent sure what you’re going to encounter on the road.

But like I said, we spent good money on those tickets, so away we go.

Now comes the tricky part. Saturday we have basketball tickets for a Creighton game in Omaha, our annual trip for at least one game thanks to the generosity of my season ticket-holding brother, who has other obligations for the day.

So, what are the advanced education meteorologist telling me about Saturday?

Nothing I shouldn’t be able to figure out by myself by now — it’s going to snow.

This one sounds like the messiest of the week.

Wet snow, lots of it. Wind, lots of it.

And snow plow drivers probably by now sick and tired of going out and clearing the roads as they have faithfully been doing the past 10 days or so.

So, here I will be, on a Friday, wondering if I’ll make it into Omaha on Saturday.

I’ve gotten a little wimpier when it comes to traveling in the snow in my advanced years.

This might be yet another game watched from my easy chair rather than the seats close to the floor.

We’ll see how it all looks come Saturday.

And wouldn’t you know it — I was all prepared to walk down to the floor and let the coaches and players know that I’ve figured out how to get them to stop blowing late leads in games and close some out with wins.

Thanks Mother Nature — and meteorologist — if they lose, it’s on you.

As for the long-term forecast, let me warn you right now to be on the lookout two weeks from today.

Another trip is planned then.

And, you heard it here first, a truly rare May blizzard should hit May 8.

After that, I’m going to stop planning trips. Sure, I’ll be a hermit, but I’ll take that bullet to spare the rest of you.


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