So, it has been an interesting week. One that I’ll bet a good percentage of you have explained in three words: “Well, it’s Nebraska.”

A case in point: If a picture is worth a thousand words, then one tweet I saw this week racked up a full two grand.

The Nebraska State Patrol sent out the Twitter message with the caption, “Both these pictures were taken in Nebraska today.” One was a snow-covered stretch of highway. The other was a patrol car with a tornado sweeping by. It was taken around Dawson.

There were replies that reflected the earlier refrain, “that’s Nebraska for you.”

Snow on one side of the state, tornadoes on the other. We claim it as a quirk of this state we call home.

I think it helps us maintain our sanity in a week where we had to turn off the air-conditioner so we could turn the furnace back on, a furnace we thought we were done with weeks ago.

It makes me wonder about other oddities we can brush off with that simple attitude.

We’re a state that’s heavy on Republicans, but at one time we had a governor and two U.S. senators who were Democrats. That’s Nebraska for you.

We have our favorite sports and coaches, but also feel free to criticize their every move and call for them to be on the “hot seat” if we don’t like what they’re doing. But if someone from out-of-state says the same thing, then those are fighting words. That’s Nebraska for you.

Then there is always the standard “You know you’re from Nebraska if….” comedy lines (or are they true observations).

You dial a wrong number and still talk for an hour. You give the two-finger wave to everyone you meet on a rural highway. You know the difference in the crops in the field. When tornado sirens sound, you head out to the front porch. A runza is a special dinner. Dorothy Lynch has to be in the fridge.

That’s Nebraska for you.

Whatever the case, we like our diversity. But I’d just as soon not have to shovel snow until next fall, thank you very much.

Hello, summer

However people want to characterize it, one thing is certain: Summer is here!

At least, we’re going to claim it as here. It’s Memorial Day weekend.

The weekend with the most somber of origins — remembering those who have died in service to the country — is also one of the most anticipated because we all call it the unofficial start of summer.

Sure, the scientist like to point out it starts June 21 when the Earth and Sun line up just right. But we know the real signs: School is out.

Boats are back in driveways around town ready for a trip to the lake. The Sodbusters open their season tonight.

Every grocery flyer in the land features food and materials to use on the grill. The lawn needs mowed every week.

Yep, it’s summer. Now if it just stops snowing in the Panhandle I’ll be convinced.

Time to get moving

If summer really is upon us, maybe I should be thinking of things I’d like to get accomplished before Labor Day brings it all to an end. Some of them are of the “no fun” variety. There are weeds that need to be pulled from the landscaping rocks. A deck that needs to be cleaned and treated. A “honey do” list that gets longer by the day.

Others are more up my alley. We signed up for the Nebraska Passport program for this summer that challenges people to see as many of 70 designated sights and businesses by October. The number you get to qualifies you for an increasing tier of prizes. So, I’d like to get started on that with a conservative goal of hitting at least half in this first year of taking part in the program.

I hope a wedding trip in July turns into at least one extra day in the mountains, an area I haven’t visited for too long.

There’s a couple other out-of-town trips we’d like to make to see friends.

But, it’s almost June, so we’d better get moving.

It will be snowing before we know it, and I’d don’t mean tomorrow in Scottsbluff.


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