Hastings College a Gem

Do you ever get in a rut and look around and see the things in your community that are lacking or that you wish were better?

My husband, Jason, and I are small newspaper publishers in Benkelman and Trenton. Sometimes I catch my self worrying about ways to improve our community and trying to help continue advancement that I forget to just set back and really appreciate what we do have. Which brings me to the point of this letter.

Our daughter is going to school at Hastings College. She will be a junior there this year. We have been so very impressed.

As a community, we did not know much about Hastings until a couple of years ago.

Hastings College is truly a gem.

The education is top notch, the campus is beautiful, but it is the people that make it so special.

Recently, after working with Traci Boeve, the director of financial aid, I got off the phone and once again thought to myself how nice she has been to work with. She has been there helping us with all kinds of little things since the beginning.

In the beginning, it was was very comforting to know when sending your child several hours away from home for the first time that there are people like Traci.

From day one, she has made me feel like I could pick up the phone at any point and if I have any questions or concerns I could call and she would point me in the right direction.

With Traci’s ability to form and then maintain exceptional working relationships with the families of students, she is a prime example of one of the college and communities best assets — the people.

Hastings College has provided a first class education and experience for our daughter. The professors and administrative staff have taken an interest and have tried to help her make decisions that will help her down the road.

They have helped introduce her to mentors in her fields of interest in the community and they have helped enrich her education, too.

I hope the community of Hastings appreciates and supports the college as much as the families sending their children there do.

I highly recommend your community, your college, and the people and services provided there. Hastings has been a fantastic experience.

Keep up the great work and be proud of this wonderful community asset. We are certainly proud to say we have a child going to school, and being part of the Hastings community.

Amy Frederick



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