I’m all for the circle of life, the survival of the fittest – you know, all those expressions and ideas that show how we’ve gotten here as a species and all that good Mother Nature stuff.

But I feel I’m experiencing some exceptions. And it all starts with a narrow plot of dirt in the front of our house.

It has been a flower patch of sorts in past years. We had marigolds there one year that took off and thrived. By allowing them to drop seeds each fall, we had a new patch the next year. Since last fall the plot has not been as productive, because as spring progressed and gave way to summer, we weren’t seeing many flowers – and an awful lot of weeds.

So, there you go. Weeds. Who needs them?

People have worked for ages trying to keep them out of their grass. Or their flower plots. Fortunes have been spent on ways to keep them out. Or on the corrective surgery on your knees when you tear one up trying to get up from kneeling down and pulling weeds.

We tried pulling weeds in hopes the marigolds would take over and come back. But they just didn’t seem to want to battle the weeds. Somewhere in the circle of life I think we could find something reasonable to fill the gap for the loss of weeds.

So, when we finally conceded that our “volunteer” flower plot wasn’t going to make it this year, it was off to the “flower store” to get some replacements. A few bucks and a little labor later, our designated flower spot was once again mostly weed free and adorned with a few dozen new flowers of a mixed variety.

That brings me to the next potential gap in the circle of life.


I know, how cold-hearted of me. Who’s going to deliver Easter eggs? Who’s going to say, “What’s up, Doc?”

So, here’s the deal. I’m not calling for the elimination of rabbits. They get better treatment than weeds. I even saw a very young rabbit in the backyard the other day. Cute little furry creature. Just, get out of town. I’m all for country rabbits. Not in town.

Why? Well, I’d like to see a little bloom to those aforementioned newly-planted flowers. Instead, I’m seeing the remnants of table scraps from what apparently is the most popular rabbit buffet in town.

I haven’t caught the long-eared culprits in the act, but I recognize their work. So, rabbits can just circle of life themselves out to the country and leave our flowers alone. I understand there are some great weeds out there to chomp on.

The next proposed gap in the circle of life is a little off the grid from the previous two, but fits into the picture just the same. Let’s just put it this way – Noah sure would have done all of us a favor if he had just swatted those two mosquitoes on the ark.

Then we wouldn’t have been swatting at the millions of others that are still around while trying to tend to the buffet – I mean flower garden.

We were warned this was coming this year. With as wet of a spring as we’ve had, the whole area was a potential mosquito breeding ground, and they pesky little bugs apparently got the memo, too.

They’ve made it a little hard for people all around town to enjoy outdoor activities near the end of the day without first showering in some sort of insect repellent.

I have heard of the role the mosquitoes play in the circle of life. We’re told they are a main source of nourishment for bats. Well, I for one want bats around my house about as much as mosquitoes, which is not at all. You can’t fool me, they’re just mice with wings.

So, there you go. It’s a blueprint for a perfect world. Well, maybe not quite that big, but at least a perfect small strip of dirt transformed into a flower garden. There would be no weeds to choke out the flowers. No rabbits munching away. No mosquitoes biting as I stop to smell the roses.

A near perfect circle.


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