I hope I don’t make too much of a mess of the keyboard. I think I’ve washed my hands sufficiently, but an hour ago it would have been a real problem not sliding off the computer.

I blame it on the people who designate special “days” for everything under the sun, but my frequent exposure to them at my “real” job.

Every day at work our conversation turns to a “timely tidbit” from a co-worker to let us know what special designations have been assigned to this date, or a historical note from that date in history.

The “this-day-in-history” tidbits are fun and educational, and if they happened within the last five decades or so — unlike my co-workers — I may even have a personal memory to share.

It’s the other ones that are making my waist line grow at a regular pace.

Many of the timely tidbits are preceded with another “t-word.”


For example, late last week it was National Chicken Wing Day. It led to a long conversation of our preferences for chicken wings — plain or drenched in sauce, breaded and fried or grilled, traditional or boneless (although boneless is an aberration and a topic saved for a whole other column).

The one thing the discussion did was put that idea of chicken wings well planted in my brain. And, finally, on this night that I also write this column, I gave in and we went out for chicken wings.

Had it not been for noting their special day, the wings would still be uncooked and I would have stuck to whatever it was I would have prepared for dinner at home that night.

So, there could be some real concerns for my waistline coming down the road.

Within the past few weeks we have had discussions for National Jumping for Jelly Beans Day, National French Fry Day, National Chili Dog Day, National Vanilla Ice Cream Day and National Avocado Day and others that slip my mid right now.

Not that I’ve push the chicken wings craving out, it appears I can look forward to a meal of a couple of chili dogs with a side of fries, some guacamole dip and a bowl of vanilla ice cream for dessert.

I’m not real sure where the jelly beans will work their way in, but now that I think about it, they would jazz up that vanilla ice cream a little bit.

I may have to get the guy who researches the days to see if there’s a National Salad with Low-Cal Dressing Day, or National Walk a Block Per Calorie Eaten Day, maybe even — heaven forbid — National Kale Day (now that’s just crazy talk).

There has been a definite food trend in recent days. And each time it’s something really tasty, it’s hard not to give in and have some within a couple days.

Maybe the fact that we have turned the calendar would provide a little hope. But, a quick list at the next few days doesn’t bode well.

Today, according to the National Calendar Day web site, is both National Ice Cream Sandwich Day and International Beer Day. Not exactly the trend diet there. Sunday is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, Tuesday is National Root Beer Float Day. S’mores, julienne fries and filet mignon all have days coming up.

Surely there is some sort of day designation coming up that would skew a little healthier, something to offset all the sweet treats.

Well, don’t count on it.

Tuesday is Wiggle Your Toes Day. Guess we could call that exercise. Augu. 10 is National Bowling Day. That could be a good workout, if I stay away from the hot dog and nacho stand. The 23rd is Ride the Wind Day. At least that would keep me away from the buffet. It takes until right up the very last day of August to find National Trail Mix Day. If you keep the M&M’s out of it that can be some healthy eating.

I’m either going to have to declare my own days, which is what it looks some of the others have done, or just plan way ahead.

May 4 is National Fitness Day.


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