Dear Sandy Dennis Film Festival enthusiasts: We are great nieces of George and Adrienne Maul, who were also the aunt and uncle to the actress Sandy Dennis.

As a family, we are outraged by the attention being brought to this hometown “famous” person.

Yes, she was an award-winning actress. Yes, she starred on Broadway as well as the big screen.

Were the characters she played quirky and interesting, much like her own personality? Absolutely!

However, as far as dedication and respect for her hometown and family, she is definitely not a star.

Sadly, she did not even care enough about her roots to return to Hastings for her aunt, uncle or even grandmother’s funerals. Nor did she help with arrangements

What makes this so sad is that her Aunt Adrienne and her Grandma Bessie were so proud of her accomplishments.

One would have thought by the way Aunt Adrienne would talk about her that she was her own daughter, as she did not have any of her own children and idolized this woman.

They loved nothing more than to tell stories of her adventures as an actress.

“Honoring” this Hastings native is rather unworthy in our opinion.


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