Before I make 63 semi-tough decisions, I have to make one tough decision. Two important tasks lie before me. It calls for a crucial time-management decision. Time management, at times, is not one of my strong points.

So, time to buck up a little bit.

With deadlines looking me in the eye, I need to write this column. And I need to fill out my bracket for the NCAA basketball tournament. The window of opportunity is small.

So, do I spend one hour on the column and five minutes on the bracket, or one hour on the bracket and five minutes on the column?

You would probably be able to figure out which way I go before you get to the end of this.

At least I hope the quality of a five-minute column would stand out as less favorable than a one-hour version.

A few weeks back when I tried to multi-task by watching basketball and writing at the same time — well, let’s just say that it was pointed out to me by more than a few people that there were some flaws.

Of course, I would like to think that a five-minute bracket would be obviously painful, too.

But it would take three weeks to know for sure just how bad I did.

The baseline, which would be the success level of other year’s brackets, isn’t very high, though.

Five minutes or five hours, I don’t seem to do really well every year at this time.

I guess I could cheat the time management a little bit and write about each pick as I make them.

But then you would see my lack of knowledge of some schools in the field. (Come on, do you really know much about Gardner-Webb?)

So, I will continue to write as normal, then begin throwing darts at the bracket sheet to see just what the future holds.

Welcome, spring

Let’s face it, Mother Nature has thrown some pretty wicked curve balls the last couple of weeks. Fog, blizzards, floods, rain — our hearts go out to everyone so drastically affected by what has hit our state.

However, maybe she was trying to get back on our good side with an amazing display that I hope you were able to see at least part of earlier this week. I had a good seat for the view as I was driving through Webster County in the early morning hours.

To my left, a huge full moon was about to set over the west horizon. It was an amazing shade of orange and seemingly dwarfed over the trees and farmhouses it was floating just above.

It was such a great sight. I had to pull over and take a picture.

My legion — OK, dozens — of followers on Twitter got a look as I deemed the “moon set” tweet worthy.

As I was preparing to get back on the road, I looked over my other shoulder.

It was just moments away from sunrise. If a moon set was photo worthy, surely a sunrise might try to match it.

I had to go east about a quarter-mile to get over a small hill, but when I did, there it was — the first sliver of the sun cracking the horizon.

The resulting photo — and tweet — like the moon set, didn’t see to do it justice.

Photos are nice, but it just doesn’t quite match standing in the quiet countryside watching it unfold. (Oh, and thanks to the guy in the pickup who stopped to make sure I wasn’t having car trouble.)

It was a few minutes later, as I was northbound on U.S. Highway 281, that I realized what day it was — the first day of spring.

I was capturing the dawn of the first day of a new season. Oh sure, I hear the purists out there saying that since spring didn’t start officially until the afternoon, that it wasn’t the first sun rise of spring.

I don’t care.

I’m like most everyone else. The last couple months of winter have beat me up.

I’m done with it. I’m ready for spring. So, I’d like to think that I stood atop that hill and watched it begin.

Now, bring on March Madness.


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