Shame on driver

On Wednesday, March 16, my wife called me. She was in tears as she explained what she had just witnessed.

She was returning to work after seeing her doctor for her radiation treatment. She was at 16th and Burlington when observed a dog in the street on Burlington. A lady was on the west side of the street trying to coax the dog out of the road when a driver in a pickup hit and ran over the dog, killing the poor dog.

The driver never even stopped to see what happened.

Are people in this country so much in a hurry that they can’t take the time to admit an accident happened and console the owner?

At least a concerned citizen following stopped and picked the dog out of the street and took him to the grass so no one else would hit it. A special thanks to him. My wife called 911 and gave her condolences to the owner.

I know dogs are supposed to be on a leash but sometimes they get loose and it doesn’t give anyone the right to run them over.

What would you have done if the accident would have been a small child who wandered into the street? Would you have stopped or continued on your “no concern of mine” way?

My wife and I are animal lovers. We have a dog of our own. He is the fourth dog we have owned and to lose a pet is heartbreaking because they are part of our family, just like our kids.

Our prayers and thoughts go out to the owner of the dog and we hope people will be more sensitive to others from now on. We feel sorry for your loss.


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