We lost our dog, Libby, a beloved member of our family due to an unprovoked attack by a pair of English bull terriers, which in our opinion, are in the category of dangerous breeds that have the genetic makeup, strength and ferociousness for the unprovoked killing of small animals, and even small children.

Our Libby was a 6-year-old, 15-pound pure-bred Shih Tzu that we acquired when she was two months old. We are both retired and, needless to say, she was a big part of our lives and the lives of family and friends. She was a very spoiled little house dog that was always leashed or fenced when outdoors.

On Sept. 29, my wife took her for her daily on-leash walk on Lakepark Lane. On their way home, they were attacked from behind without provocation or warning by two neighborhood, unleashed bull terriers that, due to owner negligence, had escaped their fence.

My wife was knocked to the ground and the dogs proceeded to savagely attack Libby, going for her stomach and throat.

Only the traumatized screams of my wife brought the owner who then called them off, but the damage was done.

Although we rushed Libby to the vet, her injuries were too severe and she only lasted about 18 hours before passing away. We are devastated, grieving and this will not soon pass.

What possesses people to own these dangerous dogs?

Is it an ego thing, a sense of being macho enough to control killer dogs or are they hiding something? There are apparently no city ordinances that prevent ownership and those that own them will always say their dog(s) are well trained, gentle and have no history of violence.

To those who defend the breeds, keep in mind that there is a reason that most insurance companies will not provide liability coverage to homeowners or renters that own these breeds due to their genetic programming to kill.

Also, to those defenders of these breeds, contact me and I will show you pictures of a small, innocent dog ripped to shreds due to the savagery of these killer dogs.

Libby is gone and nothing will bring her back. What a waste of a good, loving dog.

We can only hope that our neighbors and residents in the area of Lakepark Lane north of 33rd Street will be vigilant and protect their small animals and children. It is our hope that when the city reviews this case, Libby’s killers will be ordered euthanized so that they cannot kill again.

David and Linda DeRosear



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