In my opinion, this so-called “law-and-order” president, Donald Trump, has staff breaking the law — Kellyanne Conway and Mike Pompeo, just to name two.

It’s called the Hatch Act. A federal employee can not use their office for political activity, and I believe they did.

It is quite unfortunate that the Republican-held Senate didn’t do its job and remove this” law-and-order” president.

Even though he is a president who has been impeached, people will still vote for him, which is unbelievable. The president has more staff and former staff being indicted, sent to prison and being investigated that you can’t keep track of all of them.

The president reportedly has said of our fallen countrymen that they are “losers and suckers.” If such statements don’t bother you as an American, then you are not a patriot, in my opinion.

We could have been out of this pandemic and a lot of lives saved if this “law-and-order” president did his job. Anyone who believes that this virus is a hoax should go talk to a family member of one of the 190,000 people who have died.

This “law-and-order” president divides, not unites.

Vote Biden.

Cindy Brown



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