Sorry to hear that Andrew McCarty had to witness the crass criticism of his Democratic yard signs (Voice of the People, Sept. 12).

I suggest that a mere “Go Trump’” would be a more appropriate response from the Trump supporter.

Mr. McCarty’s failure to respond to the obscenities hurled in his direction is admirable and should be a model for such discourse.

However, we need only go back four years ago and see the example that was set by the Democratic supporters around the country.

After the election of Donald Trump, many Democrats took to the streets to protest his election. Angry people with obscene signs and gestures protested the fair election of a United States president.

This precedent has carried on with the leftist-leaning party to this day. Protests and violence continue to this day in America’s cities while Democratic mayors and governors cower in the face of the mob.

Rural Nebraskans know full well what is at stake in this election for the next president and that is why the majority of them will be voting for Donald Trump.

Jim Mace



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