I am so ashamed of the Republican Party and the way it has been sitting on the sidelines while President Trump is delaying a crucial transition to a new president.

I agree that President Trump should be allowed to pursue his claims about the election to their eventual end, and each of our Nebraskans in Congress knows what that end will be.

In the meantime, President Trump must allow the transition to proceed. Time is short — just 66 days— and the risks are dire from foreign mischief like 9/11 and from the pandemic and from so many other sources.

Our Nebraska Republicans in Congress have a duty to America first and then to Nebraskans to make this transition happen.

You were not elected to protect your party; you were elected to protect the American people.

Shame on you for not, as a group, confronting this president and demanding that the transition proceed.

Start acting like an American. Rest assured history will remember this inaction on your part.

Bert Peterson



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