I might need to borrow somebody’s kids to help me tell time.

Not necessarily the time of day type of telling time, but the “time flies” type of telling time.

I had someone proclaim to me the other day that summer was over.

I wasn’t sure how to take that when I stepped outside and immediately began to sweat since the temperature was high and the humidity higher.

That pretty much means summer to me.

But the person who proclaimed the end of the season to me elaborated that their child was going to be heading back to school the next day, thus … summer is over.

Our days of getting a child out the door and off to school ended a few years back.

No more posing with a shiny new backpack and fresh new clothes on the first day of school.

No more squeezing in everything you’ve been putting off for over two months because school was starting, summer was over, and the chance to getting them done now were out the window.

It’s not that I’m not aware that school is back in session.

I’ve seen the supplies in the big box store for a month now.

I’ve seen and read the news stories of “what’s new at school” this year.

I’ve seen the kids walking down the streets with blank, distant stares as they contemplate the new school year. (Although now that I think if it, I’m not sure how that look is any different from the blank, distant stare that says “I’m swamped at school”.)

But, for me, summer doesn’t have to be over, does it?

Just because students and teachers are back in the classroom, I can still do summer things seven days a week if I really want to, right?

If not, then I guess I need to borrow a kid to make the transition complete.

It wouldn’t be the first time that snagging someone else’s kids would have been handy.

And that just in the past few weeks.

I didn’t have a kid to borrow, so I missed “Toy Story 4” in the movie theaters.

I didn’t want to look like that creeper in the theater who parents warn their kids about.

I am anxiously awaiting the home viewing options of the latest adventures of Buzz, Woody and the gang.

I can enjoy the movie that way and avoid any kidnapping charge.

We had plans- fall through to have a “loaner” kid visit us last weekend.

As a result, I consumed considerably less Kool-Aid than I would have otherwise.

I walked in the parade for work, and then just headed home.

If we had the kid in tow, I’m sure we would have made numerous trips to the World’s Largest Kool-Aid Stand while playing games, watching magicians and taking in all the other fun.

As it was, it wasn’t until the concert Saturday night — easier to go to without a kid — that I enjoyed my first cup of Kool-Aid for the weekend.

Maybe it’s the school systems fault, and not my lack of a child heading off to the first day of school.

After all, Aug. 15 (give or take a day) seems kind of early for the start of school.

Not to be a grumpy old man, but it seems like school used to start in very late August, if not early September.

Then you really could convince me that summer was over.

So maybe I just need to take note of the fact that it is getting dark noticeably earlier than just weeks ago.

And sunrise seems to be taking its own sweet time every morning.

Maybe even just pay closer attention to the calendar.

I will concede that summer is nearing its end, but I’m not yet ready to declare it over.

We still have Labor Day to go.

The state fair is coming up in just a few days.

And I could go sit in a football stadium for hours at a time, but there still aren’t games for a couple more weeks.

So, sure, your kid may be back in school.

But please, don’t make me decide that summer is over.


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