Kenesaw resident builds models for family

Frank Shurigar, left, and his friend LaMoine Beal set up the
model farmstead of Shurigar's childhood home in front of his
current residence in Kenesaw on Aug. 28. Shurigar builds
model vehicles and farm equipment that are sold to benefit
his family's annual reunions.

KENESAW — When planning to build an intricate, to-scale model of the farmstead where he grew up, Kenesaw native Frank Shurigar didn't need to use a blueprint.

He knew the property all too well: the rust-red color of the barn, the corn crib resting in the field, the laundry hanging on the line to dry, and even the cat circling the back door.
So, with only a supply of wood, a measuring tape and his memory, Shurigar reconstructed the hub of his childhood in order for his descendants to know and appreciate the place as he did.

"The house is still there, but the rest of the place is all changed," Shurigar said of the large, white farmhouse and accompanying acreage on the north end of Kenesaw. "I realized that my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will never get to see it the way I saw it."

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