Flood aftermath daunting for residents, volunteers

Media coverage of the record-breaking floods that has ravaged the Colorado Front Range over the past week paints a portrait of the situation that is near-catastrophic in size and impact.

However, when 2012 Hastings College graduate Adam Kaiser drove to Boulder, Colo., Tuesday and Wednesday to help with the clean up efforts happening there, what struck him most about the flood aftermath were the small details.

VHS tapes that once immortalized home videos lay sodden and irreplaceable on doorsteps. Already-frail photo albums had been disintegrated by faucet-like streams of water. Muddy collections of records, figurines and memorabilia looked as though they had been dipped in chocolate.

"It's sad to see people losing irreplaceable memories like that," Kaiser said in a phone interview Wednesday, as he drove back to his Broomfield, Colo., home through a still-persistent drizzle of rain.

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