Then & Now: 1993 Integrated Solid Waste Management Act

Years ago, people went the "dump" to dispose of household
waste as shown in this photo taken in June 1983 at the
Hastings landfill. Twenty years ago on Oct. 1, 1993, the
state's Integrated Solid Waste Management Act went into
effect requiring all solid waste be placed in a licensed landfill
to minimize the impact of waste on the environment.

Then: In the late 80s and early 90s, the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality began to take a closer look at the way waste was handled in dumps and landfills across the country. In 1988, the federal government commissioned the NDEQ to survey unlicensed landfills in the state to determine the impact of those landfills on the environment.

Now: The hundreds of unregulated landfills that existed in Nebraska prior to the passage of LB 1257 have consolidated to 23 licensed facilities, one of which rests on the same 150-acre property west of Hastings that was designated for a landfill in 1982.

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