On Wednesday, University of Nebraska head football coach Scott Frost spoke to the media about Wednesday’s Signing Day. Here are his quotes.

On the recruiting class

“I’m really excited about this class. I think the thing that excited me the most was flying around the country for the last two weeks. Getting in homes with these guys and seeing what type of kids they are, what kind of personalities they have. Best thing about them is they love football, they love the game. They’re excited. They want to be at Nebraska. I would walk out of almost every house and say we’ve got the chance to win a lot of games with kids like this coming to the program.”

On waiting for signing day

“It was anxious. It just kind of felt this year that a lot of kids we really were invested in and wanted in our program were making late decisions. I heard all the talk early on about how we were behind, and we were behind. We kind of knew that, but we were kind of betting on ourselves in recruiting and had a lot of really good targets out there and luckily we were able to land quite a few of them.”

On managing numbers

“We were making decisions on that clear up to last night and even this morning. Trying to decide how many NLIs [national letters of intent] to send out, where to send them, trying to decide which kids were in and which were out and how many spots we might want to hold over to the late signing period and beyond. We’re making those decisions right up to really this morning and there was a lot of balls in the air, but I’m really happy with our recruiting staff and our coaching staff with how they came through in the end.”

On Defensive Backs Coach Travis Fisher

“I have to tell you, every year there’s a superstar on our staff in recruiting. This year, he’s one of the top guys. He has a lot of relationships down in Florida from his time there, both in North Florida where he grew up and down south where he’s recruited for a long time. He knocked it out of the park this year and that’s really valuable for our football team to have a coach that can go out of state like that and bring in the type of talent that he brought in.”

On Travis Fisher’s style

“Yeah, he cares about the guys deeply. He doesn’t just stop into high schools and tell kids that we want them at Nebraska. I think the relationships that he builds are strong. It takes a lot of that to pull kids out of a state like Florida to come to Lincoln, Nebraska. He’s the type of guy that people want to play for.”

On rumors during the recruiting process

“I don’t want to say too much about details, but this process is tough on a lot of recruits. It’s tough on 18-year-olds. I think sometimes they have to sort out rumors and truths and falsehoods and in some situations that can go right up to signing day when they put their name on the paper. That’s just kind of how recruiting goes. I’m just glad Coach Fisher’s going to be with us for a long time.”

On Jaiden Francois

“I actually talked to Jaiden when he was off stage and then texted with him a bunch after he came back out. He’s fired up. He’ll be on campus really soon as one of the early enrollees and I expect him to come in hungry and hopefully contribute right away.”

On getting nervous

“[I was] a little bit nervous. You’re nervous for all these guys until it’s done. You kind of feel like a shepherd. You’re trying to keep the flock together and keep anybody from coming in and stealing one. The thing we always have going for us is we tell the truth in recruiting and we’re honest and genuine in recruiting. If there’s a situation where there’s a rumor about something like there’s a rumor about today, we’re going to tell the truth. We did tell the truth and usually that wins out.”

On junior college players

“We’re going to get to a point in this program where we’re not probably going to look to sign very many. I think we’ll look to sign a junior college player if they’re a great player and if we have a need at the position. We kind of felt like we needed a little immediate help at certain spots, receiver being one and maybe pass rusher. We went out and got some guys. I think the lesson we learned over time as coaches is we have to make sure we’re getting the right guys from the junior college ranks too. [I] love the character and personality of the kids we got. We have [junior safety] Deontai Williams as an example as a kid that we got from a junior college, and that’s the right kind of guy on top of being the right type of player. Those are the type of guys we want.”

On signing Omar Manning

“Omar I’m excited about. All year we kind of wished we were a little more productive at our outside receiver spot. That’s one place where we thought we wanted a kind of guy that could come in and potentially help us right away. There wasn’t a better guy in the country, in my opinion, for what we were looking for than him. He looks different than anybody I’ve ever coached and has tape to match. I’m really excited to get him. He’s got a little work to do yet before he gets to campus, but I think he has a chance to change our offense.”

On quarterback recruit Logan Smothers

“The best meal I might have ever had on a recruiting visit was at Logan’s house. His mother and grandmother made us some good southern food, some barbeque, some fried okra, some green beans. So he was already one of my favorites, and that helped him climb the list really fast. We looked for quarterbacks that throw it well, that can run and have the right mentality. Logan is a guy who understands the game and had a good junior year, an unbelievable senior year. I said this a couple times already today, but he really impressed me with his toughness and what he did in the playoffs in Alabama. He’s a guy we had to hold some people off on late that were trying to get back in on him. He’s an early enrollee too and I expect him to come in and compete right away.”

On reasons to move away from a recruit

“There are things that would make us shy away from recruits. Most of those things have to do with character most of the time. When you have spots available right up to the end, you’re trying to make decisions on who the best player is and which player would help the team most based on what we already have. There’s decisions to be made all through the recruiting process, and sometimes they go right up to the end.”

On linebackers

“I think getting Keyshawn Greene right out of Florida really helped solidify what we have there. We have Va [Eteva Mauga-Clements] from California. I thought we needed to add a little depth to the inside linebacker room. He’s really a run and hit guy that we’re excited about. I have no doubt that he’s going to help our football team. Keyshawn is an unusual athlete when you watch his tape. His ability to get close to the football and make plays is pretty special. That was a tough get. He got up to Lincoln last week and fell in love with it. He’s anxious to get back. Outside linebacker is definitely a position that we wanted to address. We started this whole thing off with Blaise Gunnerson from Iowa. Huge compliment, but if I have a son, I do have a son, so someday I hope he’s as big as Blaise and that good of a kid. We’re excited about him. Niko Cooper is just a specimen of an outside linebacker that we think could play in a lot of different places for us and help out with pass rush. Jimari Butler is another kid that we got late from Alabama. He’s another kid that when you walk in the room with him, you can see the potential there. His tape is really good, and he shows a lot of ability to get after the quarterback. We felt that we needed to improve ourselves in that area and we like who we got.”

On wide receivers

“That’s one position where we need to improve. Obviously, we have a couple of good pieces. JD [Spielman] has been a phenomenal player around here for a long time. We’re lucky to have him back another season. I’m excited to coach a guy who could be the all-time leading receiver in Nebraska history and have a piece of that as a coach. I’m really impressed with his toughness and what he’s done for his entire career at Nebraska. Obviously Wan ’Dale [Robinson], everyone saw what he could do this year. It was a shame to have him hurt a bit at the end of the year, but we’re excited for what he can bring next year. I think we’ve got a lot of young receivers in the program that we’re excited to work with in spring. When you look at that position, just being honest, when we came in as a coaching staff we only had four receivers on scholarship. We usually carry 10 or 11. That was a position just by numbers that we had to rebuild. We feel good about this class and where it’s going to take us. We talked about Omar [Manning], Marcus Fleming is another guy from Florida who [Defensive Backs Coach] Fish (Travis Fisher) did an incredible job of recruiting. He can really go. He played on one of the best teams in Florida and was one of their stars. They won a state championship. You talk about a kid who oozes his love for football. He just loves being out there, and I think if you asked him to play on a parking lot cement track, he’d go out and play football. He has a chance to help us and help us quick. We landed a bunch of guys in a bunch of different positions. Will [William] Nixon is a kid from Texas. I love coaches’ kids, and his dad is a coach at Baylor. Baylor did an unbelievable job this year. Jeff [Nixon] is his dad. I think he’s already starting to learn our offense because of what Jeff knows about it. I think he’s a guy that could play multiple spots for us, inside receiver, outside receiver, running back, a bunch of different places. I think he’s going to pick it up fast. We’re excited about him. Getting Alante Brown, late, was big for us too. He’s kind of the same type of guy. I think he can carry that ball for us, play inside, play outside. He changes direction really well and has really good hands. But he’s also physical. I think we did a lot to upgrade that position.”

On Logan Smothers entering a strong quarterback situation

“I think it suggests that he’s willing to compete. I want guys who want to compete. When you talk about the best programs in the country, usually they’re already loaded with people at position. The kids who have the right frame of mind and want to come in and win the job anyway. We hit it off with Logan right away. Him and [Quarterbacks Coach] Mario [Verduzco] have an unbelievable relationship. He is the type of kid I want on our team and the type of kid I want to coach. We are going to get started with him right away in January.”

On toughness, being winners, loving the game, and talent being the factors he was looking for in recruits

“Yeah, you can evaluate kids from afar by watching highlight tape and watching game tape and I think we have people on our staff that are really good at evaluating the talent. What is harder is to go into the high school and see which kids are the type of kids who are going to fight through anything and that will play football anytime anywhere and just love the game and love to compete. We need more of those guys. I think we landed a bunch of them in this class. I want guys that want to be around the team all the time, that want to be around the game all the time and that are going to fight for what they want no matter what. It really comes down to toughness and love for football.”

On the walk-on class

“The walk-on class helped us a lot this year. I think starting next year it is just going to get to a point where it is helping us more and more. I think that that level of support from the walk-on program and the contribution from the walk-on program is going to increase every year. It is kind of highlighted by Isaac Gifford from right here in town. Gosh, we are so excited to have him on the team. Just as excited as we are for anyone else we got today. He is going to be an early enrollee too, so he is going to make us better right away. I think also Ty Hahn from southeast Nebraska is a receiver that is as good as a lot of scholarship guys around the country, he just played 8-man football. He is right down the road. But, guys like that are going to come in and help. I really like this walk-on class. I mentioned two guys but there are a lot of guys from around the state and around the area that are coming here as walk-ons. I think this might be as good of a class as we have had since we have been here.”

On if they are waiting on any letters

“Yeah, I think there are still one, maybe two. One we are waiting on for sure and maybe one more that we would accept if it comes. We kind of made a decision that in a perfect world we would still have a spot or two left going forward just to see what is available. We didn’t know if we were going to get to that number for sure or not but, it looks like we are going to. So, there are still some targets out there for us and we will see where those land.”

On recruiting in Florida

“[I have been] recruiting in Florida for a long time and there are some kids that I don’t think it serves them well to leave the state. There are others that probably the best thing in the world for them is to get out of there and go be their own man somewhere else. I think we focused on the right kids. We focused on kids that were anxious to get out and experience something else. I have lived in 13 different states as a football coach and football player. I have chased this game around everywhere starting with when my parents were moving around. The experience of being in all those different places was unbelievable and I have friends from all over the country, acquaintances from all over the country, experiences that I wouldn’t have gotten if I had stayed in one place. I think some of those kids saw that and saw that they would always have their family and friends at home and they could always go home, but if they didn’t take a chance and try something like this then that’s all they would ever know. I think we did a good job identifying the kids that would be willing to go out of state. Several guys on our coaching staff, especially [Defensive Backs] Coach [Travis] Fisher, did a good job making it happen.”

On the in-home visit with Nash Hutmacher in South Dakota

“Well, we were never in a home so that was unique. Pheasant hunting is a little easier in South Dakota right now than it is in Nebraska. There are a lot of birds up there. [It was] probably my favorite in-home visit ever. We walked into a shed and looked at a bunch of whitetail antlers and some other hunting paraphernalia. We had something to eat and talked for a while and went out and walked one quarter-mile strip of uncut milo and limited out and went home and hugged and we got back on the plane. That was unique and Nash is a unique guy. We are thrilled to have him on our football team.”

On offensive lineman recruit Turner Corcoran

“Well, we fought hard for Turner Corcoran. We had to start fighting early on for him and I have to give a little bit of credit to his high school basketball coach who is a huge Nebraska fan and helped us along the way. Turner hit it off with us. Turner hit it off with Coach Austin. We are just up the road from where he lives, and he is just as good of an offensive lineman as I saw on tape in the entire country. We knew we weren’t going to have very many spots for offensive linemen, and we ended up getting two, both from the state of Kansas that we feel great about. Turner really was the cornerstone for this recruiting class.”

On the running backs

“First thing I like about them is that when I am on the phone or FaceTime with them, they just always have a smile on their face. They make me happy. So [they are] the type of kids I want to be around. Marvin Scott, I think, is as physically developed of a kid as we have in this class. From a physical standpoint, I think he is ready to come in and play college football immediately. He’s really strong, really well-built, in good shape. I think he’s going to be ready to come and contribute and compete right away. Sevion [Morrison], same type of kid. He always has a smile on his face. I just love talking to him. Sevion is a complete back. I think at times this year, if we were going to run certain plays in our offense, we wanted one guy out there, and if we were going to do other things, we wanted another guy out there. It makes life a lot easier as a play-caller if one guy can do all those things. Sevion is that type of running back. He catches it well. He runs it well, has speed, and can run between the tackles with his size. He’s really an all-around guy.”

On the quarterback competition

“We felt like there were quite a few positions that we needed to upgrade, improve and fix when we walked into North Stadium. Quarterback is one that we’ve gotten right, and we got it right pretty fast. We did a good job getting Adrian [Martinez] here. People can see the type of talent Adrian has and all the plays he made wearing a Nebraska uniform. Noah Vedral, when he got his shot, was lights out and as good a kid as there is on our football team. The whole state is excited about Luke [McCaffrey], and we are too. We have three good ones in the program. We have some other guys doing well too. Matt Maske from Kearney Catholic, right in the Lou-Platte. It’s a crowded room right now, but that can change quick. You never know what is going to happen through injury or anything else. We’re going to play the best guy at every single position. People get caught up in the quarterback competition. There’s a competition every day at every position. All those guys are going to get a chance to show what they can do, and we’re thrilled to have them all on our team.”

On the perception of Nebraska football on the road in recruiting

“It was awesome for me to go around to all those places and have people tell me, ‘Man coach, we can see it coming. Man, you’re close. Man, a couple pieces and you guys are there.’ That wasn’t us saying those things. That was coaches and players in other places recognizing it when they’re watching games. If we were a few pieces short or just coming up short in some games this year, hopefully we got most of those pieces in this class. It’s important that if we want the program everyone here wants that we keep stacking recruiting classes like this and making sure we have talent and depth at every position.”

On where this class ranks compared to his first two recruiting classes at Nebraska

“I don’t have any different opinion where this program is headed than I did when I took the job. We knew it was going to be a lot of work. We knew it wasn’t in the best place. There were a lot of things we were going to have to do to make the program look like we wanted it to look. You never know how fast those results are going to come, and that’s why when you guys ask me questions I say that I want to be better than I was yesterday, and we want to be better than we were yesterday. I think we’re going a long way to address these things. You say it’s our third recruiting class. The hard part about the first recruiting class is that we had about three weeks to recruit it. I think we did well in some areas and missed on some other things. We did the best we could in the short amount of time. This is really the second class we’ve had where we had a full year to work and make sure we’re getting the right guys and make sure we get people that fit us. I think between guys we got in that first class and these last two classes we put together, it’s starting to look like it needs to look from a talent perspective.”

On sophomore running back Maurice Washington

“We are actually going to meet with Maurice tomorrow and try to come to a little resolution on what is going to happen. I’ll have more for you after that.”

On if Adrian Martinez had offseason surgery

“We had a lot of guys that had minor surgeries to get things cleaned up. Had quite a few guys that were tough and playing through some things in the end of the year. So, there’s several guys including Adrian that had minor surgeries. Well, no surgery is minor. They had surgeries, and we’re expecting them all to be back for spring ball.”

On how much more hurt was Adrian than maybe the media realized

“We don’t talk about that stuff. I’ll tell you that I think the kid is a trooper for battling through what he battled through this year. He’s not alone. Several other guys had gotten things out and fighting for the team. That’s football. I’ve had seven surgeries as a football player. You come back healthier and better when you get one. I think a lot of those guys’ play will improve when they’re 100% healthy.”

On if Adrian will be ready for spring practice

“Everybody that had surgery I think will be ready for spring ball.”

On Katerian LeGrone and Andre Hunt appearing in court last week

“A lot of those things are things I can’t talk about publicly. All I can tell you is the minute that we were made aware of accusations we funneled it to the person we are supposed to report Title IX issues to. Immediately suspended them from the team indefinitely, removed them from all football activities and let Title IX and authorities do their job.”

On if he is made aware of other Title IX investigations that don’t start with him

“If it has something to do with our football players, and it’s serious enough then they’ll make me aware. In this situation, the minute we were made aware of anything, that came from a separate source, we reported it appropriately. That morning we suspended them indefinitely.”


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