Assault weapon crisis

The AR-15 was designed to kill people. It is not a hunting weapon, or a target practice weapon. It was designed with one use in mind: an assault weapon that is very effective at killing men. Its bullet tumbles so that on impact it knocks the enemy down and then does massive internal damage. It was used for many years as the weapon of choice of our special operations people because it was such an effective killer of men. Can you just imagine the damage that such a weapon does to the inside of a 6-year-old child?

Mr. Schnase in his letter (Monday’s Tribune) in defending the most murderous gun laws in the modern world says that “guns don’t kill people, it’s people that kill people.” My question to such dreadful logic after the horrors of an AR-15 killing with such lethality in Newtown is why are we arming our lunatics with such lethal, murderous weapons?

There was a similar incident in China on the same day that the children in Newtown were murdered. But this lunatic only had a knife and he injured 20 children and teachers, but none died. In America we arm our lunatics with the most lethal weapons possible, then try to defend such a practice in our daily newspapers.

I pray that someone in this country has the backbone to take on the gun manufacturers and their pets.

Bert Peterson

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