‘Assault weapons’

A quick review: The Bible says Cain supposedly killed Abel with a club. He was bad. Samson killed 1,000 Philistines with a jawbone. He was good. The jawbone must have been an “assault weapon” to kill that many.

The Bible tells stories of people who used their hands or many objects to do their good or bad deeds. A club, sword, knife or gun are all the same: objects. The person using the implement determines good or evil. The recent incident involved a mother who law enforcement admit followed all stringent state laws in purchasing the kind of firearms she desired to own. She was good. Her son who murdered her was evil.

When I was of school age, most who drove hunted on the way to or from school. I recall showing my shotgun to a teacher. He showed me his. To have a gun in our vehicles was more common than not. Yet we didn’t terrorize the school or anywhere else. Do you see the pattern that the mass shooters of today are of high school or college age? Let me give an opinion why things have changed.

One-parent families; children growing up knowing people of authority cannot really discipline them at home, school or society for their actions; education systems not truly preparing students for realities of life; use of drugs; dysfunctional mental health systems; TV and video game violence; pathetic TV general content; promotion of homosexuality; destroying the virtue of marriage; society with an “I want it now” attitude; lack of self-respect; no religious values; an economic system bordering on possible collapse; a media that glorifies evil actions; and lastly, polarized politicians.

For years these issues have torn at the fabric of life. But now let’s condemn an object called an “assault weapon.”

J.C. Mitera

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