Gun control debate

The recent tragedy in Connecticut has already sparked a nationwide gun control debate. This debate is certain to be filled with lies and myths. As everyone will be brought into a gun control discussion in the coming weeks and months, here are some facts:

This shooting is a national tragedy that doesn’t deserve or require federal intervention or oversight. State governments individually should respond accordingly with a level head devoid of emotion.

All gunman-induced massacres have occurred in target-rich environments that are regulated to be absent of any type of armed resistance (gun-free zones). All gunman-induced massacres involved attackers with mental issues. All of these massacres involved a gun or multiple guns.

There have been 181 school attacks since Columbine. Many of those attacks took place in states with stringent gun control regulations. Connecticut has some of the most stringent gun laws in our nation.

The solution is not more gun control. People need to stop blaming a gun for all of the evil in America and start accepting the truth and laying the blame where it belongs: the people who commit these terrible atrocities. The solution is to aggressively improve security at our schools using professional, trained, armed security details at each school, funded by local taxpayers. The solution is better regulation of the millions of evil lunatics who walk our streets every day. The solution is don’t let your mentally challenged children have access to your firearms in your home. The solution is to revisit the concept of “Gun Free Zones” by governments and businesses and consider lifting these bans.

People need to be responsible and use some common sense. Grasp the reality that evil walks among us every day. Have a plan, whether it’s defense or escape, be prepared and prepare your kids, too.

Rick Schnase

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