Guns & secession

This is in response to letters in Wednesday’s Tribune.

Mr. Peterson, it seems as though you might have a small bit of knowledge pertaining to the AR-15 “assault weapon.” However, not every AR-15 is alike, and the ARs the military uses are not accessible to the public. A .22 caliber rifle or pistol can do just as much damage as the so-called AR-15 “assault rifle.” A shotgun with a specific-sized shell could have done more damage; would you like to ban the shotguns many people have for hunting and the shotguns students use on their high school trap teams?

Mr. Schnase’s words in his letter (Monday’s Tribune) —“guns don’t kill people, people kill people” — make perfectly good common sense. If I load any firearm and leave it lay on a counter, that firearm will not “shoot” until another human force takes over.

I am a proud and responsible gun owner. The incident in Newtown is horrific and by no means excusable, but severe gun control is not the answer.

In response to Mr. Ewing’s letter, I firmly believe that if Texas and all the other states that have made mention of seceding from this country did so, not only would the seceded states be better off, but they would have the rest of the country on their knees within days.

If Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and possibly South Dakota seceded, we would not only be able to sustain ourselves, but because 90 percent of all commerce passes through Nebraska on either rail or via I-80, states on either side of us wouldn’t get the supplies to sustain life for very long. And that, Mr. Ewing, would get the direct attention of “your fine president,” not mine.

Benjamin Sheppard

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