Mental health dilemma

I support the NRA. My heart aches for and my prayers go out to all those whose lives have been touched by the senseless shootings happening in our United States today.

I had a cousin who had a very good baritone voice. He was asked to sing for many functions and I accompanied him at the piano.

His life changed when he was diagnosed as a schizophrenic. His brother and I were cautioned that a mentally disordered person would often harm the ones who are the closest to him or her.

I blame our state governments for the greater percentage of the senseless shootings that are happening in our country today. Our mentally disordered need help. Hastings had a facility that helped our mentally disordered. They were provided the necessities, had some quality in their lives and most importantly, were given their medication as needed. This facility and others have been closed by our state government. I question the happiness of our mentally disordered people living as they have been forced to live.

Yes, I have handled a firearm. Yes, I have shot a gun. I used to go hunting and I was taught the responsibilities of handling a gun and was taught I was responsible for my own actions. I knew if I shot another person I would lose rights, privileges and face incarceration.

I know the necessity of rules, regulations and laws as to ownership of firearms, and with ownership comes responsibility. I believe not everyone should be allowed to own a firearm. The individual should be help accountable for his or her actions, not the U.S. government or the firearm itself.

Leave the NRA alone and correct the basis of the problem. Yes, I want our mentally disordered to be given the help they need. Yes, I support the NRA.

Fedora Groenewold

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