Weapons in lunatics’ hands

Regarding Benjamin Sheppard’s letter (Saturday’s Tribune) defending the weapons used in Newtown to kill children. From my understanding the AR-15 shot 28 people; 26 of those people died at the scene. That is a 93 percent kill rate, which is almost unheard of. That gun was not just a .22 caliber rifle as was inferred. It was a lethal weapon designed to efficiently kill people and it should be removed from the hands of the public.

The suggestion that a shotgun would have been as lethal as the AR-15 is nonsense. A shotgun used in hunting doesn’t fire clips of 30 rounds, of which several were emptied in Newtown. Had the lunatic had a shotgun he would have had to reload dozens of times, which would have left him open to attack by teachers. In addition, a shotgun is a low-velocity weapon with a short range that does much less internal damage compared to the AR-15.

The writer again repeated the meaningless and detestable mantra of the NRA that “guns don’t kill people; people kill people.” But he didn’t answer the real question, which is the issue at hand that Bert Peterson asked (Dec. 19 Tribune): How can any thinking or caring person defend putting such lethal weapons as this AR-15 in the hands of lunatics?

Mr. Peterson is a former police officer and has seen the terrible aftermath of gun violence, which still haunts him. He is well trained with firearms and won’t have one in the house.

Again, he and I pray that we have politicians who will defy the gun manufacturers and their paid liars, the NRA, and enact rational gun controls.

By the way, secession was settled in 1865; most history books cover the subject pretty well.

Ronda Peterson

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