Bad location for veterans

We all understand the turmoil that was caused against Hall County Veterans Service Officer Don Shuda in 2009 when Alex Willford took over the veterans home in Grand Island.

What we don’t understand now is that the veterans home has had more grievances, employees seeking legal council, and turnover since 2009 than it has had in the history of the veterans home.

WIth Willford and Gov. Dave Heineman pushing the issue to move, and helping one particular city win a bid is bad government and morals from our political leaders.

For these leaders to even think about moving the veterans home right beside an airport that has an average of 82 aircrafts in and out a day, in a zoned industrial tract and with the State Department of Roads five-year plan of a bypass being right through the lot that Kearney so gratefully is giving for the veterans is wrong and needs to be in question.

We are talking about combat veterans in which 36 percent to date have post-traumatic stress disorder issues. Is the sound of aircraft and industry really putting veterans first?

We do not need to move these veterans to cause more harm to them. We need to question the issues of Willford and why he is trying to get this pushed out of Grand Island.

Gabe Milhon
Grand Island

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