Heads in the sand?

Upon reading Chris Johnson’s letter (Nov. 30 Tribune) a couple of things came to my mind:

I’m glad he is cancer-free and healthy. Is this because of Obamacare? Likely not; rather, it’s because of the reputable access many enjoy to good quality physicians within Hastings.

I’m glad that he and his family — and many others, too — will not be penalized for pre-existing conditions. This is a quality of Obamacare lauded by conservatives and liberals alike.

Johnson titled his article “Obamacare not a nightmare,” citing benefits he expects to enjoy, going on to say: “People need to take their head out of the sand and help themselves.”

I agree, we all need to help ourselves; but, what are our heads in the sand about?

Some facts: I’ve always willingly bought my own insurance, and over time premiums have fluctuated. Currently, I’m paying around $93 a month with a sizable deductible.

When rates were released in October from my company — because of Obamacare — I was informed my premium would increase to $240 and my deductible by $1,300.

Curious what healthcare.gov offered, I attempted to log on. After a few attempts, I was able to get through and discover premiums were the same as that through my local agent, or more.

I chose to stay with my agent. In time and without changes to this law, my premium will more than double and my deductible will increase substantially.

For some, this is a financial nightmare and not a godsend.

So, I ask: What is my head in the sand about?

Mike Glassmyer

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