Just give it a year

In response to Chris Johnson’s letter on purchasing health coverage (Voice of the People, Nov. 30), a year from now when your recently-acquired insurance plan is canceled, and it will be, please send another letter to the editor and let us know how well you like the change in rates, deductible and co-pay.

In an illegal move, which still goes uncontested, the president has attempted to have insurance companies reissue canceled policies.

Some companies cannot do so and a few are unwilling to do so. However a similar plan or perhaps a slightly better one can still be purchased through private insurance for one more year.

Originally, an estimated 50 million policies (in reality even more) were to be canceled two weeks prior to the mid-term elections of 2014. Again in yet another illegal maneuver the president has moved this date to be two weeks after the mid-term elections for very obvious reasons. (If not obvious to you, find someone who has been paying attention and have them explain it to you.)

Private plans purchased this year through next year will be a part of this forced changeover to the government health care exchange system.

It all sounds good today, but a year from now it won’t be so.

Steve Spilinek

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